Box Office Report: 'Non-Stop' Flies to the Top Spot; 'The Lego Movie' Crumbles

"Non-Stop," the thriller starring Liam Neeson, will usurp the top spot at the box office from "The Lego Movie." "Son of God" is a close second, however.

Watch: 'Amazing Spider-Man,' Cast Discusses Marvel 'Avengers' Crossover

Marvel and Sony nearly completed a deal to make it happen, according to reports.

Nightmares in Children Could Indicate Mental Illness Later in Life

Children who have nightmares could develop mental illnesses later in life as adolescents.

Kid Cudi Says His 'Guilt Trip' Vocal From Kanye Track Is Years Old, Feels Used

"I don't care to be on people's songs like that," Cudi recently told 'Complex.'

Chris Brown to Return to Rehab for Another 2 Months

A California judge ordered Chris Brown to remain in rehab for anger-management and told the pop singer to return to court in two months.

Robin Thicke Begging Paula Patton to Come Back

According to Us Weekly however, she has been pursuing a split since last August around the time her husband made headlines for the Miley Cyrus grinding. Let's not forget to mention the infamous photo of him gripping the behind of a fan at a club that very same night.

Kendrick Lamar Finally Talks About Macklemore Apology Text

Kendrick Lamar has finally spoken out about the apology text Macklemore sent him after the Seattle rapper beat him for Best Rap Album at the Grammys earlier this year.

Kanye West Performs At Drake Concert

After Drake's "comments" in Rolling Stone, some may have guessed that his cold war beef with Kanye West was still going on. Apparently though, there is no beef between the two since the "Bound 2" rapper made a surprise appearance at a recent Drake concert in Germany.

Beyonce GIFS Used To Explain S&P; 500 Stocks

In one of the coolest uses of technology, maybe all of time, four NYU students have created a website called Beyonce Trader that uses Beyonce GIFs to tell you how S&P; 500 stocks are doing.

How Will 'True Detective' End? Three New Theories

With only two episodes left, HBO's bizarre yet beautiful show "True Detective" is coming to an end. Here are three theories as to how it all might play out. Spoilers below.

Marilyn Monroe, JFK AND Brother Robert Kennedy SEX TAPE To Be Auctioned By California Sheriff Department For $200,000

A secret sex tape supposedly starring John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe will be auctioned off by the Tulare County Sheriff in California on Tuesday.

Patrick Wilson In 'Ant-Man' Discussions: Did 'Conjuring' Actor Join Cast?

Wilson could be the next "charismatic leading man" cast in "Ant-Man."

Ashton Kutcher Is Developing A Cell Phone With Lenovo

“This partnership with Lenovo brings together my love of technology and design..."

YouTube Video Shows Children Reenacting Best Picture Nominees

With the Academy Awards taking place this weekend, you may be starting to feel Oscar fever. If you are like most Americans though, you may not have seen every movie yet.


LinkedIn Executive Sends Horribly MEAN Response To 26-Year-Old Job Seeker's Email Inquiry

A marketing executive sent a horribly mean and unnecessary response to a 26-year-old job seeker who contacted her on LinkedIn.