Celebrity Interior Designer Jarret Yoshida Shares 5 Decor Tips For Fall

Courtesy of Jarret Yoshida
(Photo : Courtesy of Jarret Yoshida / Interior Designer Jarret Yoshida)

The self-taught-turned-celebrity interior designer Jarret Yoshida is developing an aesthetic entirely his own. Throughout his years of education and his frequent travels around the world, Yoshida continues to share his sophisticated, classic approach rooted in the traditions of Japanese design and memories of his childhood in Hawaii. 

New York City-based firm Jarret Yoshida, Inc. was established in 2002 and offers a variety of design services, from art-advising to moving entire homes, for individuals looking for a transformation or some qualified instruction. Luckily, Yoshida is sharing some key tips to updating your environment for the coming autumn season.

Discover Yoshida's decorative tips below! 


Courtesy of Jarret Yoshida
(Photo : Courtesy of Jarret Yoshida)


1. Fall means fireplaces for much of the country. Get it cleaned and professionally inspected now so you can enjoy your fireplace surrounded by family and friends. 

2. Deep wood tones remind me of shorter days as the year draws us to a close. Add key wood pieces to your home, but be careful to keep them within the same wood palette to avoid a visual clash. For example, avoid mixing warm red cherries with cool walnut, for example. Whenever possible, add some vintage or antique pieces to give your home a warmer, more engaging feel. 


Courtesy of Jarret Yoshida
(Photo : Courtesy of Jarret Yoshida)


3. Seasonal greens or flowers from your garden are always a great reminder of Fall. In areas of the country with a hard winter, this is often the last grasp of your garden. Natural beauty is more fragile and as delicate than anything we could buy for our homes. Take the time for yourself to enjoy it. 

4. Fall is often the start of the social season for family and friends. Rearrange art in your home for a fresh take on your surroundings. Establish a new narrative where your art pieces engage each other in new ways based on their subject matter, color or even framing. 


Courtesy of Jarret Yoshida
(Photo : Courtesy of Jarret Yoshida)


5. The most dramatic change can come from a vivid furniture piece that reminds us of the deep rich tones of autumn, such as burnt orange and russet. This vintage console by mid-century furniture design star Karl Springer shows us how it is done. 

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