Top 10 Bookstores With The Best Book Selections In New York City

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca / DASHWOOD Bookstore)

We believe in supporting small businesses. Especially small businesses providing city dwellers and visitors with an opportunity to educate themselves and be inspired — bookstores!

Perhaps you could call us old school, but we would rather pick up a classic novel than read from the latest kindle edition. I know that seems contradictory hence the online platform you are reading from right now.

However, bookstores hold a special place in our hearts. Whether it is the pure enjoyment of sitting within a quiet environment, the smell of a book that hasn't been opened in some time, the sense excitement when discovering a store's unique and specially curated selection. Or it may just be the simple fact that bookstores still stand today amidst major corporations, like Barnes & Nobles, and, of course, the ongoing advancement of technology. 

Why not turn off your iPhone, shut down the laptop, remove the headphones and take a stroll to one of our favorite bookstores in Manhattan this weekend? We're sharing our most beloved locations throughout the city, and we want you to experience the same joy we receive when visiting these local spots. 

Check out our top 10 below and let us know which bookstore is your favorite.

1. Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

2. McNally Jackson

3. Three Lives & Company



6. Dashwood Books

7. Mercer Street Books & Records

8. 192 Books

9. Idlewild Books

10. Alabaster Bookshop

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