Hat Styles For Men And Women: A shopping Guide For Fall

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)

Christian Dior believed that a woman without a hat was not completely dressed. While that sentiment was expressed many decades ago and times change, we've recently seen hats make a respectable comeback.

From the baseball and baker boy caps to wide-brimmed fedoras and panama hats, it seems as though both men and women are embracing the statement head accessory more and more. 

A variety of styles have been spotted on the streets and on the runways, and they aren't shown in just basic neutral shades either, but rather in green, red and blue hues as well.

Check out the different designs spotted at the most recent New York Fashion Week: Men's spring/summer 2017 collections. However, for the upcoming fall season, our design editor is sharing some of her favorite styles and shades at a variety of price points. 

Our selection features designer hats up from $400.00 to less expensive designs starting at $25.00. Find out what style works for you and your budget, and look extra fashionable this fall with head-to-toe looks.  

"Fashion is above all a question of line; from the shoes to the hat, the silhouette must be viewed as a whole," stated Christian Dior. 


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


1. Good Boy Everyday Wool Fedora : $55.00

2. Brigitte Felt Boater Hat : $455.00

3. Cornbread Lapin Cream Hat : $430.00

4. Wide Brim Fedora : $24.00

5. Flannel Wide Brim Hat : $150.00

6. Premium Wool Hat : $24.99

7. Requiem Wool Wide-Brim Fedora Hat : $355.00

8. Chatham Fedora Hat : $215.00

9. Ivy Cap : $125.00

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