Vintage Shopping In New York City: Discover 5 Antique Shops For Unique Fashion And Home Furnishings


Do you find yourself wondering what are the best stores for vintage fashion and home furnishings in New York City? For those of you who may not find pleasure shopping at department stores, or if you aren't a consistent shopper of fast fashion, our design editor is revealing five new stores at which you can discover one-of-a-kind pieces. 

We've rounded up a few vintage and thrift boutiques in various neighborhoods throughout Manhattan including Gramercy, East Village, Chelsea, Little Italy and the Lower East Side.

We believe in supporting local shops throughout each and every city in order to keep small businesses thriving. And who wants to purchase fashion and decorative items that everyone else already has anyway? This is where purchasing vintage shopping truly comes in handy, because you can discover treasures for your wardrobe and/or home that are unusual and fun, while not spending your entire month's rent. 

Discover our editor's New York City favorites below!


1. Vintage Thrift (Gramercy)


Vintage Thrift
(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Vintage Thrift in Gramercy is located on 3rd Ave., between 22nd and 23rd St. It is full of one-of-a-kind treasures, including furniture,housewares, books, accessories and fashion. Vintage Thrift is one of those stores that is constantly refreshing ts merchandise selection with new items daily. You never know what you are going to discover during each visit, this is why Vintage Thrift is a shop so special — and it's affordable!

2. Pippin Vintage (Chelsea)


Pippin Vintage
(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Pippin is a two-part store located at 112 West 17th St. in Chelsea. It includes a Pippin Vintage Jewelry retail space in the front and a Pippin Home tucked away down an alley in the back. Pippin is where you will find an assortment of antique jewelry and precious accessories, along with small furniture pieces, glassware and other uncommon decorative objects. 


3. Georgia (Lower East Side)


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Located in Manhattan's Lower East Side neighborhood on Orchard Street, this retail gem boasts a vintage collection which has been sourced from around the U.S. and Europe. It is a friendly shopping environment with a coffee bar in the window, good tunes and a lively selection of menswear and womenswear. Check out this spot to discover cool T-shirts and funky shift dresses — items are sold from around $45.00 to $200.00.


4. Ritual Vintage (Little Italy)


Ritual Vintage
(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Ritual is located at 377 Broome St., just teetering on the border between Chinatown and Little Itlay. The store offers some of the most eclectic fashions, especially colorful, bold patterned jumpsuits, twin-sets and playsuits. The shop also houses an impressive selection of fashions dating back to the 1850s. Ritual Vintage is also on the more expensive side — on average garments are sold at $150.00 and up. 


5. Tokio 7 (East Village)


Tokio 7 is one of the most sought-after consignment stores in New York City. It offers an interesting selection of luxury designer pieces from brands like Chanel and Prada to rare vintage items. This retail destination is known for its unusual, funky collection of fashion and accessories. The store is located at 83 East 7th St. in East Village. 

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