6 Menswear Brands You Need To Know About This Fall: You As, Ddugoff And More

(Photo : Courtesy of MAN NY - SS16 Show)

The MAN and WOMAN shows aim to bring an authentic community of fashion brands together from around the globe. The specialty tradeshows are held individually in New York and Paris and offer a friendly viewing experience to engage with both emerging and senior designers.

Our design editor attends the show each season to review the latest collections from established brands, while also spotting unique talent and inspiration in fresh creatives. On Jan. 26, the FW16 collections were presented at Industria Superstudio and we're sharing our favorite brands you will want to know for fall.

Scroll down below to discover our editor's picks and check out what pieces you should purchase for the new fall season!



This is the first collection debut for YOU AS, an emerging brand launched by New York designer Tony Liu. The label combines American menswear staples and European sophistication that is inspired by art and culture. The collection is one individuals are going to be able to relate to, specifically for its high-low appeal. The garments are entirely wearable, yet understated, cool and special in their design details. YOU AS is a brand you will be seeing soon. 


You As
(Photo : Courtesy of MAN NY - You As)


2. Ddugoff


Designer Daniel DuGoff creates "unbasic-basics" that puts an emphasis on the importance of key construction and high-quality fabrics to fit a range of individual's lifestyles today. One of the special attributes of the Ddugoff brand is the addition of specialty prints, which Daniel designs himself or often collaborates alongside his friends in the art community. The FW16 offering features beautiful hues of green, blue and gray presented in bomber jackets, ultra-luxe knitwear and relaxed-fit trousers. The collection was shown at MAN NY, but to us the clothing felt entirely unisex, and Daniel expressed that a sufficient amount of his buyers are, in fact, women. For more information and to shop, visit here


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


3. Howlin'


The Antwerp-based knitwear brand Howlin' is known for its support of craftsmen to execute traditional manufacturing techniques. Each item is individually hand-finished in Scotland or Ireland where the company sources its 100-percent pure wool. Pullover sweaters, plush waistcoats, scarves and beanies are all made from the highest quality yarns. Garments feature playful patterns in saturated colors and feel extra cozy to the touch. For more information on the brand and where to purchase Howlin' knitwear, visit here


(Photo : Courtesy of MAN NY - Howlin')




Zespà, AIX-EN-PROVENCE is a French high-quality footwear brand for women and men. The brand designs sneakers for today, using Old World traditions to provide consumers with a lasting product. The FW16 shoe collection features a fresh autumn color palette of midnight navy, dark green, deep plum, camel, heather gray, black and white. A pair of Zespàs are suitable for every under-the-radar cool kid who appreciates timeless design and distinctive aesthetic details. Find out where to purchase yours here!


(Photo : Courtesy of MAN NY - ZESPA, AIX-EN-PROVENCE)


5. Larose Paris


Isaac Larose and Marc Beaugé are the designers of hat company, Larose Paris. The hat designs are crafted in Paris and feature top-tier quality fabrics sourced from around the globe. Larose Paris offers artisanal hats and caps that are both timeless and modern, a combined aesthetic inspired by the spirit of Paris, London and New York. Shop for your Larose Paris hat here.



Larose Paris
(Photo : Courtesy of MAN NY - Larose Paris)


6. Our Legacy


Founded by Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin, Our Legacy, clothing are designed to be reinterpreted classics for today's man. There is a vintage quality to the garments, evoking an undying spirit and quality, yet are representative of the direction of present-day menswear. The Swedish label has become known for its skilled tailoring, versatile styles and authentic approach. Shop Our Legacy here!


(Photo : Courtesy of MAN NY - Our Legacy)


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