'Teen Wolf' Star Cody Christian Teases Theo's Season 6 Return: 'He's A Changed Man' [SPOILERS]

Cody Christian as Theo
(Photo : Teen Wolf Facebook page/MTV) "Teen Wolf" star Cody Christian teased what fans can expect from his character Theo in the upcoming season 6 of the MTV series.

As revealed at San Diego Comic-Con last month, Cody Christian is reprising his role as Theo in the sixth and final season of "Teen Wolf." But since the character was dragged to hell in the season 5 finale of the MTV series, fans can expect to meet a quite different Theo in the upcoming installment.

"He's a changed guy," Christian said (via Whedonopolis Videos) of his character during a roundtable interview at Comic-Con. "Being dragged to hell and enduring what he endured -- which I can tell you right now is brutal -- it changes a guy. So I'm very excited [for the fans to] ... see how it affected him."

The 21-year-old actor confirmed that what Theo had gone through in hell won't only be revealed through expository dialogues.

"I can share that we do get a glimpse of what he'd gone through and it's terrifying," he said (via TV Equals). "The experience was very chilling so it definitely hasn't been easy for him. You can tell that it's rocked him to his score and it's changed who he is."

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But why exactly is Theo back in Beacon Hills? And can Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack trust him after all the heinous things he did to them last season?

"Theo is back for a reason," Christian teased. "But there's also the question of how badly do we need Theo, and is it worth the trust that we have to go in to having his involvement in the pack, because we know his track record. We know what he has done. He's manipulative. He's conniving. He's lying, very self-centered, narcissistic. It treats people like pawns [so] why bring somebody like that back?"

"The circumstances must be dire," the actor said. "Ghost riders are one hell of a villain, [so] Scott and his pack need as much as help they can get."

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"Teen Wolf" season 6 will premiere on Tuesday, Nov. 15 on MTV.

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