'Dead Of Summer' Freeform Spoilers: The Teacher's Identity Revealed In Episode 7 'Townie'?

Dead Of Summer Freeform
(Photo : ABC/Katie Yu) Episode 7 of Freeform's "Dead Of Summer" will reveal the identity of the cult's teacher. Watch the trailer of "Townie" below.

Camp Stillwater harbors many secrets in Freeform's horror series "Dead Of Summer." In episode 6, which aired last week, Camp Director Deb's (Elizabeth Mitchell) past was revealed. Viewers got to know that she reopened camp in order to recreate the magic of her summer 19 years ago when she was madly in love with a budding novelist and poet.

Unfortunately, Deb's lover died several years ago. Soon after Cricket's (Amber Coney) death, this lover came in the form of a ghost to spend time with her and warn her that evil is here at Camp Stillwater. She needs to help the counselors and save them.

Although Deb's history gave fans an insight into her mind, it failed to show if she has any connection to the satanic cult that is rousing a demon in "Dead Of Summer." Does this mean she isn't involved in summoning the demon?

"In the second-to-last episode, we get the inkling that she [Deb] knows more than she's letting herself know or that she's letting on," series star Elizabeth Mitchell told Entertainment Weekly, "We get this idea that there is something more to Deb than just this sweet woman who is trying to change her life again. It starts to look that maybe she might possibly be who she says she is, but then in 109, maybe she's not."

In other news, episode 7, which will air this week, will depict Garrett Sykes (Alberto Frezza) working in tandem with the camp counselors to stop the murders occurring at camp. Watch the trailer of "Townie" below:

According to the official synopsis of the upcoming episode, Detective Sykes comes up with a plan to stop the killings. He has found Blotter's body which puts the death toll to two.

Amy (Elizabeth Lail) knows that she is a target, so she agrees to work with the police and Sykes to stop the murders before another innocent victim is killed tonight.

The best part of "Townie" is that the Teacher's identity will be revealed, and he/she will ask the detective if he wants to join the cult. Fans will also get to know Sykes' past.

Watch "Dead Of Summer" Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Freeform.

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