Kim Kardashian Wants To Go Nude After Saying She Is Not A Feminist; 'KUWTK' Star Says 'Get Ready'

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  • Aug, 06, 2016, 10:59 PM
Kim Kardashian
(Photo : Getty Images/Jason LaVeris) Kim Kardashian is planning to release another nude selfie now that she has lost the baby weight.

Kim Kardashian is always proud of her body, so it did not come as a shock after the "KUWTK" star hinted at once again releasing a nude selfie.

During her guest appearance at the #BlogHer16 conference in Los Angeles, Kanye West's wife teased that she could be posting a new nude selfie anytime soon now that she has lost the baby weight from her pregnancy with Saint West, ET Online has learned.

"Have I posted a nude selfie since I lost all my baby weight? I don't think so," Kardashian said before teasing, "Get ready."

Kardashian gave birth to her son in December, and she has since worked hard to shedding off the baby weight. And now that she has lost 70 pounds, the 35-year-old said that she feels "good about myself."

Kardashian even insisted that she does not post her selfies for attention saying, "When I post something, whether it's a nude selfie or something, I don't post it trying to get a reaction. I post it because I like the photo."

Kardashian's statement about posting a nude selfie comes after the reality TV star revealed that she does not consider herself a feminist, as per BuzzFeed.

"Everyone always says, 'are you a feminist?' And I don't think that I am," North West's mother said.

Kris Jenner's daughter then explained herself by saying that she is not one to put labels because she just likes to do the things that make her happy.

"I want women to be confident and I'm so supportive of women... But I'm not the 'free the nipple'-type girl," she quipped.

Meanwhile, Kardashian, who is still feuding with Taylor Swift, also voiced out her disappointment over rumors claiming that her second pregnancy was all fake.

"If you don't share something, it's like it doesn't exist. He's eight months old now, and people thought he didn't exist," Kardashian said.

"People thought I had a whole fake baby and I made this whole thing up because I wasn't posting about it. And to me, that's so ridiculous," the mobile mogul added.

Kardashian then clarified why she did not post photos of Saint after giving birth to him by saying that she wanted her son to enjoy going to the park "like every normal human being," according to Sunday World.

"I'm protective of my life with my kids. You might see them on the show a bit, but not real stories," she finally said. 

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