‘Guilt’ Episode 8 Premiere Spoilers: Synopsis, Trailer Shows Grace Being Hypnotized [WATCH]

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(Photo : Freeform/Angus Young) Prince Theo's life is in danger in "Guilt" episode 8.

It looks like "Guilt" is finally telling fans the real story of Molly Ryan. The investigation of her death has opened a can of worms and secrets are now being revealed. In episode 7, Natalie started to believe that her sister Grace actually killed Molly Ryan. Evidence against her was convincing, hence she got arrested.

Meanwhile, it became clear that the Courtenay Club owner, Finch, did not kill his former employee, Molly Ryan. Eventually, Natalie learned that Neville did see the killer. It was Prince Theo.

In episode 8, Natalie and Stan will try their best to get Grace out of prison. However, uncovering the truth and getting her off the hook may be harder than she thought. Watch the preview of "Eyes Wide Open" below:

The official synopsis reveals that Daisy Head's character will undergo hypnotherapy in prison. She will finally remember what happened to her in the hour when she left the roof and went downstairs.

A sneak peek video released by Freeform gives audiences a glimpse of Grace's hypnotherapy session. She remembers wanting to kill Molly because she was enjoying her boyfriend Luc's company a little too much. Eventually, "Guilt" fans will know the truth about Grace's whereabouts.

Another sneak peek video shows Prince Theo, Charlotte and their friends talking about the Courtenay Club. They discuss the members of the club and how Molly was an escort/prostitute. Charlotte, addled with drink, teases her friends that the killer could be sitting at the table! Clearly, she knows Prince Theo murdered her.

However, the most shocking spoiler is revealed in the preview. Molly's brother Patrick will learn that his sister was killed by the aristocrat. He will try to assassinate Prince Theo in order to take revenge for his sister's death.

Watch "Guilt" episode 8 on Monday, Aug. 8, at 9 p.m. EST on Freeform.

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