'Designed Survivor’: Kiefer Sutherland’s ABC Series Mixes ‘House Of Cards’ And ‘Homeland’

Designated Survivor ABC
(Photo : ABC/Image Group LA) "Designated Survivor" blends elements of "House Of Cards," "Homeland" and "West Wing."

If viewers are mixing their fix of political drama "House Of Cards" and Showtime's political thriller "Homeland" this fall, they may want to check out ABC's new thriller starring "24" alum Kiefer Sutherland. The cast and crew of "Designated Survivor" were present at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Thursday, August 4, and offered some unique insights about the upcoming new TV series.

"There are a few tones at play in the show," Jon Harmon Feldman, the executive producer of "Designated Survivor" told press (via TVLine) during the tour, "There is a West Wing component of a man and his team governing our nation in this time. There's also the 'Homeland' aspect of an investigation and the conspiracy. And it's also got a 'House Of Cards' component, which is the characters and the business of government through the eyes of these characters and political dealings and dealmakers."

The show's plot revolves around a low-ranking United States Cabinet member (Sutherland), who becomes the President of the United States of America after a tragic bomb wipes out all members of the cabinet. Sutherland's character, Tom Kirkman, not only lacks the experience to govern a nation, but he is thrust into a leadership role during a crisis situation. Whoever bombed the members are still out there.

Sutherland said he wasn't keen on returning to TV, but after reading the script of ABC's "Designated Survivor," he had to give himself a reason not to do it.

Furthermore, the former portrayer of Jack Bauer said that after he read the script, he thought he may be holding the next 10 years of his life in his hands.

"Designated Survivor" season 1, episode 1 premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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