'Stitchers' Season 3 Spoilers: Ritesh Rajan Hints At Freeform Show's Renewal

Emma Ishta
(Photo : Getty Images/Laura Cavanaugh) Will the Emma Ishta starrer "Stitchers" be renewed for season 3?

"Stitchers" season 3 hasn't been confirmed by Freeform, but cast member Ritesh Rajan is positive that the series won't be axed for good.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Rajan said that the fact that "Stitchers" was nominated for Choice Breakout Show at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards means that viewers love watching it.

"Being a second-season show nominated for Choice Breakout Show was definitely something that I kinda, that I was excited by. Because I think that shows that our fan base is catching on - later in the game, but we're still relevant," he said.

Meanwhile, "Stitchers" star Kyle Harris also said that the series' recent nomination proves that people are watching the show.

"Right, it shows that we have a great, you know, kind of foundation in terms of people watching our show - and that we're growing!" he said.

In other news, "Stitchers" star Allison Scagliotti recently urged fans to not make any conclusions yet about the series' fate.

On her Twitter account, Scagliotti said that she is just as in dark as the fans of "Stitchers."

The series aired its final episode for season 2 on May 24.

Episode 10 also saw Cameron and Kirsten finally exchanging a kiss.

In "All In," Kirsten (Emma Ishta) once again risked her life just to be able to find information about her father.

While lying on the stitching table seemingly lifeless, Cameron told Kirsten that no matter what happens he will never leave her again.

The finale episode ended with a major cliffhanger in relation to Kirsten's life.


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