'Teen Wolf' EP On Casting Linden Ashby As Stiles' Dad And His Chemistry With Dylan O'Brien

Linden Ashby and Dylan O'Brien
(Photo : Getty Images/Jesse Grant, Jason Kempin) "Teen Wolf" executive producer Jeff Davis talked about Linden Ashby's audition for the MTV series and the actor's surprisingly great chemistry with Dylan O'Brien.

Linden Ashby's portrayal of Johnny Cage in the 1995 fantasy martial arts film "Mortal Kombat" helped him land the role of Sheriff Stilinski on MTV series "Teen Wolf."

In a recent interview with Teen Wolf News, executive producer Jeff Davis recalled Ashby's audition and shared why he was convinced that the 56-year-old actor would do great in the role.

"He came in for our Atlanta casting director and read for the part," Davis revealed. "I remember seeing the tape and saying 'Wait a second, that's Johnny Cage.'"

Davis, who had seen "Mortal Kombat" in the theater when he was in college, remembered the charm and humor that Ashby brought to his role as Johnny Cage, and he thought that those were the qualities he needed for the role of Sheriff Stilinski.

"I was intent on the show being funny, so I knew that we could use someone who could deliver a sarcastic reply, especially as the father to Stiles," Davis said.

Although Davis thought that Ashby would do great in his role as Sheriff Stilinski, what he didn't expect was the actor's great chemistry with Dylan O'Brien, who plays his onscreen son Stiles.

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"We didn't know just how much Linden and Dylan O'Brien would connect," Davis said. "[But it turned out] they really seemed like father and son onscreen. That connection between the actors is what inspired us to create so much (Stilinski) backstory."

Apparently, Ashby and O'Brien's father-son relationship transcends behind camera. In fact, Ashby immediately went into total protective-dad mode when asked about O'Brien's accident on the set of his film "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" last March.

 "Dylan's a very private person and I don't think that it's my place to talk about what he's going through, he said. "If he wants to talk about what he's going through, he'll talk about it."

"[But] I've seen him a lot [since the accident]," he revealed. "I love him."

Meanwhile, after several months away from the public eye, O'Brien resurfaced on Sunday in a fan's Twitter photo.

In the pic, O'Brien is seen posing alongside a female fan, who captioned her post: "MY LIFE HAS BEEN MADE, meeting you was the best thing ever." The 24-year-old actor looks very different in the photo as he's sporting a gruff full beard.

"Teen Wolf" season 6 will premiere on Tuesday, Nov. 15 on MTV.

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