'Teen Mom 2': Has Javi Distanced Himself From Isaac Since Splitting With Kailyn Lowry?

Javi Marroquin, Kailyn Lowry
(Photo : Getty Images/Jonathan Leibson) Has "Teen Mom 2's" Javi distanced himself from his stepson Isaac since splitting with Kailyn Lowry?

Has "Teen Mom 2's" Javi Marroquin distanced himself from his stepson Isaac?

That's what a report from Radar Online is alluding to, and it has to do with Javi's recent split with his wife Kailyn Lowry.

According to the celebrity site, the young dad recently got back to the States from being deployed, and so far he's been spending lots of time with his biological son Lincoln and not Isaac.

It also looks like Javi has either gotten his own place, or he's residing with someone, because he spent the night with Lincoln by himself and Lowry and her son weren't around.

But that might have something to do with the teen mom's custody arrangement with her ex Jo, because whatever day he sees Isaac, effects when Javi gets to see his boy.

"Since there's a custody agreement with Kail and Jo for Isaac, it depends on what days they decide to have Lincoln with Javi," said a Radar Online source. "He'll definitely get to visit Javi, but it gets a little more complicated."

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