'Dead Of Summer’ Freeform Recap: 5 Burning Questions We Have After Episode 6 ‘The Dharma Bums’

(Photo : Freeform/Katie Yu) Is Holyoke a good person or a villain in Freeform's "Dead Of Summer"?

"Dead Of Summer" finally revealed some secrets about Camp Director Deb (Elizabeth Mitchell) but it didn't answer all our questions. Episode 6 began right where episode 5 left off with the death of Cricket (Amber Coney).

The after-effects of Cricket's tragic demise were seen most in her best friend Blair (Mark Indelicato) who refused to believe that her death was an accident. Not only did he want answers, but he also wanted to say goodbye to her. This led him to an idea: Use an Ouija board to communicate with her spirit.

Blair, Amy (Elizabeth Lail), Joel (Eli Goree), Alex (Ronen Rubinstein), Drew (Zelda Williams) and Jesse (Paulina Singer) used the board to communicate with Cricket. However, their communication took a deadly turn when Holyoke and Cricket possessed Amy. Cricket told Blair that someone had pushed her into a bear trap — which means she was murdered — while Holyoke revealed that Amy should've died that day instead of Cricket. Amy is a portal or doorway for the demon to enter Camp Stillwater.

Meanwhile, Deb's past was revealed in episode 6. "Dead Of Summer" viewers learned that she reopened Camp Stillwater because of a past lover. She had one amazing summer at Camp Stillwater with him in 1970. However, he wanted to travel the world so they were never together long.

Unfortunately, Deb's lover died of a drug overdose. She reopened camp in his memory. Episode 6 showed his spirit visiting Deb. Before he left her, he warned her that evil is coming to camp.

Here are some burning questions we have after watching "The Dharma Bums":

(Photo : Freeform/Katie Yu)



5. Is Holyoke a good person or the villain?

If Amy is the portal for the demon to enter camp, shouldn't Holyoke want her to stay alive rather than die if he supports the cult?

4. Did the demon kill Detective Skyes' father?

How did Garrett's father die?

3. Why does Deb have the mask of the satanic cult?

We know some of her secrets, but we don't know why she has that mask.

 2. Who is the teacher?

Is it Deb or someone else?

1. Why was Amy chosen as the doorway?

Does Amy have some special connection to the supernatural world?

"Dead Of Summer" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Freeform.

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