'The Walking Dead': Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says David Morrissey's Governor Is No Match With Negan

 David Morrissey as the Governor and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan
(Photo : Gene Page/AMC) "The Walking Dead" star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has weighed in on who would win in a battle between Negan and David Morrissey's Governor.

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Governor (David Morrissey) are two of the most ruthless villains that Rick and his gang have encountered on "The Walking Dead." The two baddies never overlapped on the AMC series as well as in the comics, but have you ever wondered who between them will win in a battle?

Entertainment Weekly asked that question to Morgan during an interview for his EW cover, and the 50-year-old actor basically said that the Governor is no match with his Lucille-wielding character.

"It's not even close," said Morgan, grinning. "I mean, I love David Morrissey, but he wouldn't stand a chance. Wouldn't stand a chance. I'd put Negan up against anybody. He's super smart and there's no filter, no fear. The Governor was a little bit wack. Negan's got it together. It wouldn't even be close. And I'm sorry, 'cause I really love David. He's awesome. I worked with him for a year and there's just not a better guy. But Negan versus the Governor wouldn't be close."

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In an interview with the New York Times last November, "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman explained why Negan is "more dangerous" than the Governor.

"Each villain does get bigger, in a sense. But that's a natural byproduct of the fact that the longer people survive in this world, the more dangerous they have to be in order to survive," he said. "So if you encounter somebody that's been in this world for a year, like the Governor, he's going to be a pretty dangerous guy who's done a lot to survive. But if you find somebody who's been living in this world for three or four years or however long Negan has survived, they're going to be that much more adapted to this world, and that much more savage and dangerous."

Do you agree that the Governor is no match with Negan? Sound off in the comments below!

"The Walking Dead" season 7 will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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