Jaden Smith Cheated On? Girlfriend Sarah Snyder Caught In Bed With Another Man [PHOTO]

Jaden Smith
(Photo : Getty Images/Vivian Fernandez) Did Jaden Smith's girlfriend cheat on him?

Did Jaden Smith's girlfriend Sarah Snyder cheat on him?

That's what some folks on social media are saying, and it all has to do with a recently posted photo.

According to Hollywood Life, Snyder's photographer — whose name is Gunner — shared a picture of himself and the 21-year-old model in bed. Plus, he tagged Jaden in the post, so it doesn't look like the pic was leaked accidentally.

The image itself is of Gunner and Smith's woman lying in bed taking a selfie, and while the image doesn't guarantee that some hanky panky was going on, it sure doesn't look good for someone who's in a committed relationship.

So far there's no word from the young actor and rapper, nor has his significant other spoken out.

Is it possible that Gunner was trying to tell Jaden something with that post, or was he just trying to make him jealous? Who knows but we'll probably hear more about this story in the days or weeks to come.

For now, you can see the photo of the model and the photographer by clicking on the Hollywood Life link above.

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