'Suits' Season 6, Episode 4 Spoilers: Would Mike Turn On Kevin To Get Out Of Prison Early?

Erik Palladino as Kevin Miller and Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross
(Photo : Shane Mahood/USA Network) Would Mike (Patrick J. Adams) turn on his roommate Kevin (Erik Palladino) in season 6, episode 4 of "Suits" to get out of jail early?

Is Mike (Patrick J. Adams) getting out of jail early?

At the end of last week's episode of "Suits," Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough) told Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Jessica (Gina Torres) that he figured out a way to get Mike out of prison early. But as expected, there's a catch. According to Sean, Mike has to inform on his roommate Kevin (Erik Palladino), who happens to be his only friend behind bars.

"Kevin Miller is a smoking gun on another case," Cahill revealed to Harvey and Jessica. "We tried to get him to turn on his family but he wouldn't. Mike gets him to turn or figures out how to get what we need out of him anyway, he's free."

Apparently, as seen in the trailer for this Wednesday's episode, Mike isn't initially on board with the idea, and that makes Harvey upset.

"There's someone in here who's trying to kill you and I'm giving you a way out!" Harvey yells at Mike, who seems to be uninterested in the plan.

It appears, however, that Mike has a better idea, as he calls Donna (Sarah Rafferty) from prison and seemingly gives her top secret instructions. "If someone finds out I may never get back to Rachel at all," Mike tells Donna over the phone.

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Whether or not Mike decides to turn on Kevin, it seems that he isn't going out of prison anytime soon.

"I haven't worked with anybody [in the main cast] but Gabriel [Macht] this season," Adams revealed to E! News last month. "[But] I love it, I miss them dearly. I miss them, but for me, it's like I get to do this brand new little show. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I know one day I'll get to be reunited with all of them; we'll get to have those experiences again. For now, it's been a great change of pace. I feel like I have my own insular world I get to build."

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"Suits' season 6, episode 4, titled "Turn," airs on Wednesday, Aug. 3 at 9 p.m. on USA Network. Check out the synopsis and preview clip for the episode below:

"Mike may take a deal to reduce his sentence; Jessica and Louis [Rick Hoffman] have different ways of dealing with their new tenants; and Rachel represents a death-row inmate."

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