Frank Ocean Slammed By Fans For Teasing New Album But Not Releasing It: 'Desperation Is Real'

Frank Ocean
(Photo : Getty Images/Eamonn McCormack) Frank Ocean was blasted by fans for not delivering his new album.

Over the weekend, a lot of people thought Frank Ocean was going to livestream his "Boys Don't Cry" album, but that never happened.

Instead, a video loop of an empty room was posted on his website with no information about the highly anticipated LP. As a matter of fact, Ocean didn't intend for the clip to be an update. It was merely an art project that was created and put on his site by director Francisco Soriano.

After, plenty of fans took to social media to express their disappointment, plus their skepticism about the singer's new album coming out anytime soon.

"The video on Frank Ocean's website is a loop," someone wrote. "Who knows when he will drop."

"Frank Ocean got people losing sleep and watching a live stream of an empty room," tweeted another person. "The desperation is really real."

As of now, no direct word from the former "Odd Future" member about all of this, but there is a photo of a library card on his site that could be a huge clue as to when his album will drop, which could be Nov. 13, 2016.




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