'No Man's Sky': 5 Awesome Details From The PS4 Gameplay Leak - [SPOILERS] Intro And More!

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(Photo : Hello Games) "No Man's Sky" has leaked ahead of release, and that leaves us with some scandalous PS4 gameplay footage. In about 30 minutes of material, we learned about the game's intro, mechanics and creatures. "No Man's Sky" comes to PS4 on Aug. 9 and PC on Aug. 12.

"No Man's Sky" PS4 gameplay footage has leaked, and we have tons of juicy SPOILERS to share from the deleted clips. Here's a quick intro to the concepts that will be most important to the game at launch.

1) The Intro (Or Lack There Of)

One of the first bits of "No Man's Sky" uploaded to the Internet was the game's extremely short intro. According to the footage, everything installs pretty quickly. Starting up is almost instantaneous.

After a standard title screen, there's a zooming galactic animation not too unlike what was showcased during Sony's E3 2015 press conference. That visual continues for a few seconds while the content loads. It's all capped off with a flash of white light and the player's survival systems going online after a ship crash. The entire ordeal only takes a few minutes, and the rest is for players to explore. No lengthy tutorials or cinematics this time!

2) Space Is Not A Relaxing Place

One major theme that becomes immediately clear is that Hello Games didn't design its limitless universe to be a very friendly one. This is a game all about exploring the harsh wilderness, so the early moments teach travelers how to survive it with plenty of tough love.

Throughout the 30 minutes of streamed gameplay footage, there are dozens of pop-ups and notifications that warn of impending equipment malfunctions. The starter suit is especially fragile, so its hallmark features must be recharged constantly. In a lot of ways, "No Man's Sky" tosses players into danger so that the assumed serene tasks can be truly enjoyed after some upgrades.

3) Expect To Be Mining And Recharging A Lot

In that vein, the most frequently used gameplay mechanics during "No Man's Sky's" early minutes are mining for resources and recharging equipment on the fly. Because the game begins with a busted ship, the first real mission is finding the materials necessary to fix it.

(Photo : Hello Games)

That essentially means lots of using the multi-tool to bust up rocks and landforms of all shapes and sizes. The initial blaster is actually pretty formidable when it comes to demolishing large masses, so resources are gathered constantly. However, because some of those have to be used to withstand the atmosphere, they're continuously depleting too. "No Man's Sky's" opening hours look to be a grind of mining and recharging that hopefully pays off to a bigger reward.

4) Animals Can Be Good And Bad

One of the coolest aspects from the leak is the distinct variety of creatures that the footage shows. Every time a species is encountered, one must go through the mental process of how to interact with it. Is it friendly enough to be approached and fed, or will it try to kill me?

Luckily, we saw both sides of that debate. On the evil end was a hopping plant-like being that actually takes life away from the traveler. Far more adorable, however, was a dog-like life form that eats food right from the player's hand. Because it was treated so well, it led its new pal to a rare resource. Yes, you can have intergalactic animal friends!

5) Menus, Menus, Menus!

At its heart, "No Man's Sky" truly is about exploration. That being said, at least from what the leak showed, the general gameplay loop seems to have a lot to do with menus. Each component recharge requires a trip to the UI, and there are also lots of upgrades happening early on. Suffice to say, skill trees and development are probably the second biggest part of this experience.

Since we haven't played "No Man's Sky" ourselves, we can't quite say if this changes over time. It's possible that the game is designed that way to make the system introduction process quicker. Once that familiarity is established, there may be a bit more freedom. Regardless, there's a lot of depth there to be thrown into at once. We wouldn't be surprised if some are turned off by that strategy.

"No Man's Sky" comes to PS4 on Aug. 9 and PC on Aug. 12.

What do you think of these leaked details and spoilers? Does the intro gameplay loop sound fun to you? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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