Sony Publishes First User Guide For The PlayStation VR Revealing Required Room Space

PlayStation VR
(Photo : Sony PlayStation/Facebook) The newly published user guide for the PlayStation VR states that children under 12 years shouldn't use the headset.

Sony's PlayStation VR is scheduled to be released in a couple of months. Now, the company has published a user guide detailing the room space requirements to properly use its new virtual reality headset.

Sony recommends that users should have at least 60 square feet of space around the player. Users are also required to sit down when playing games using the PlayStation VR headset, the user guide published on PlayStation Asia stated.

Users who are interested to purchase the PlayStation VR are also recommended to try the headset first before buying one. Some users may not be comfortable with virtual reality and they may not enjoy the experience, so it's best that users should try it out at shops first before purchasing a headset.

Users are also reminded that they should have the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Camera in order for the headset to work.

The user guide also has a FAQ section which confirms other important information about the PlayStation VR. The guide confirms that users who wear glasses can still use the headset, as pointed out by GameSpot.


(Photo : PlayStation Asia)


The FAQ section also includes explanations of modes under Social Screen for the PlayStation VR: Mirroring Mode and Separate Mode.

"'Mirroring mode' allows TV to output the same image as the VR headset. 'Separate mode' allows the player with VR headset to enjoy co-op/versus gameplay with players watching at the TV," the explanation on the user guide reads.

The guide also stated that there is a Cinematic mode which will allow users to view PlayStation 4 content in virtual reality like videos and other games not specifically built for the PlayStation VR. This includes viewing 360-degree photos and videos.

Lastly and most importantly, Sony has stated that its target age range for the PlayStation VR is from 12 and above. The company also told users that kids under 12 should not use the PS VR headset.

The PlayStation VR is scheduled to be released on October 13 and will sell for $399. "Rollercoaster Dreams," "Farpoint", "Batman Arkham VR" and "Rez Infinite" are just some of the exclusive titles that will be available for the PS VR at launch.

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