Tyga Announces New Single And Gets Badly Memed, Why Do So Many People Seem To Hate His Music?

(Photo : Getty Images/Mike Windle) Tyga just announced a new single and got blasted by the folks on Twitter.

Tyga made an announcement that he's dropping a new single tomorrow (July 29), and let's just say that a lot of people didn't seem very excited about it.

It's not clear if the negative feedback had to do with the rapper's public persona or the music he's released in the past but either way, he was blasted mercilessly.

Of course, the harsh tweets could be related to the horrible name of the cut, "Trap P----," which could be the worst song title since music was invented.

"Stop making music," one person wrote. "You f-----g suck."

"Tyga, can't you just let your career go," another person tweeted, and this third one might be the funniest of them all:

"This one about to go triple aluminum," someone wrote.

You can see a few more tweets below, and please let us know in our poll question if you like Tyga's music or not. We'd love to know.

@Tyga and you can pick it back up 7/30 — tdotJohn (@TdotJohn) July 28, 2016


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