Bow Wow Opens Up About Keyshia Cole Egging His Car And Dating Her: 'She Can Always Come Back'

Bow Wow
(Photo : Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris) Bow Wow talked about Keyshia Cole egging his car earlier this year.

Do you remember when Bow Wow said one of his exes egged his car, and a lot of folks thought it was Keyshia Cole? Well, he opened up about it in an interview with VladTV, and he also talked about dating the R&B singer in the past.

"It was weird," said Bow about the vehicle being damaged. "I think I let my people down stairs to let someone in. They came back up and said 'I need to speak to you. The Rolls Royce is like f----d. It's like totaled. It's caked, there's flour, the mirror is broke.'"

Mr. Shad Moss then explained that the car was actually his friend Rich's, and he wanted to get it washed before he ever found out. In the end, however, he ended up telling him.

In addition, Bow said that he didn't know if Cole was the actual person who committed the act, but based on some drama the two had around that time he was suspicious.

"For us, that's all I can think about," he explained. "We had went through some s--- ... And for that to happen at that time, how it happened, [she's] the first person I thought about."

Later in the interview, the former "106 & Park" host said that Keyshia's tough-girl image is just that, an image and she's actually one of the sweetest people he ever met. Bow also said that she'd be able to come back to him at any time.

Meanwhile, he's getting criticized for saying that he won't vote in the upcoming general election, because he's of mixed race. Moss also posted a photo of his father that was supposed to prove his point somehow.

"I don't really care, because after I learned what I learned about politics, I just stay away," he wrote while communicating with someone on Twitter. 

"Man, I only believe what the eyes see. I'm mixed. I don't know what my ancestors was ... I seen 'Selma.' Was I related to anyone? No. I'm saying my Moss side of family is not black. Heritage is different," added Bow.

As far as the whole Keyshia-Cole-egg-throwing incident, you can see the former rapper talk about that below.

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