Nas Talks Writing All The Rhymes For Netflix Series 'The Get Down,' Reveals The Hardest Part

(Photo : Getty Images/Noel Vasquez) Nas talked about the challenges of writing all the raps for the upcoming Netflix series "The Get Down."

It's safe to say that a lot of rap heads will be checking out the upcoming Netflix series "The Get Down," which will be about hip-hop's infancy stage in New York City during the '70s.

Nas serves as one of the executive producers of the project, and he's also penning all of the raps for each episode as well.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Queensbridge legend talked about the most challenging part of taking on such a big task and said it had to do with writing old-school kind of rhymes.

"This is an early style," Nas explained. "This is the '70s. These are the tapes that the older guys were playing in my neighborhood, listening to, partying to. This is a different style. This is not what I normally do."

The "Stillmatic" creator also said that he got himself in the proper mind frame to capture the rhyming styles of that particular era.

"I placed pictures around myself of parties like Harlem World, the Roxy, jams out in the Bronx, in the park, DJs like Jazzy Jay on the turntables, of course Grandmaster Flash photographs," he explained. "I really just went into that world."

According to reports "The Get Down" will premiere next month on Aug. 12.

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