’19 Kids And Counting’ 5 Biggest Scandals During Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Missionary Trip

Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard, Israel
(Photo : Instagram/ Derick Dillard ) Check out the five biggest scandals that involved Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard during their mission trip to El Salvador.

Not a day goes by without the Duggars being in the headlines for some new scandal. Josh Duggar, an admitted child molester and adulterer, is perhaps the most controversial Duggar of the enormous brood of 19. However, his younger sisters Jill and Jessa have stirred up plenty of controversy on their own, especially Jill and her husband Derick Dillard.

The couple have been in El Salvador on a mission trip for the past 10 months with their son, Israel. While there, the couple has received a lot of criticism for what they are doing in the country.

Check out the top 5 scandals that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard caused during their mission trip in El Salvador.

5. Joking About the Zika Virus

The mosquito-borne illness, Zika, is nothing to joke about. It is rampant in South and Central America, and it causes horrible defects, known as microcephaly, in newborns. Children born with microcephaly are severely developmentally delayed, have small deformed heads and have shorter lives.

According to RTE, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a travel warning for pregnant women across 22 states. El Salvador even issued a pregnancy ban and asked women to avoid getting pregnant for the next two years.

However, because Jill and Derick follow the Duggar's "Quiverfull" movement, the couple isn't allowed to use any form of birth control. This doesn't mean that the couple is remaining abstinent either. Duggar matriarch, Michelle, had previously said in her book "Growing Up Duggar," that a wife should always be "joyfully available" to her husband.

So, it is unlikely that Jill and Derick are taking any precautions. In fact, the couple sparked outrage when they posted a photo of themselves on Instagram making light of Zika.

 I knew I could count on Walmart to have what I need to combat that Zika Virus! #beprepared #zika

Una foto publicada por Derick Dillard (@derickdillard) el

In the photo, Derick is in the El Salvador equivalent of Walmart, holding up a can of Off! bug spray.

"I knew I could count on Walmart to have what I need to combat that Zika Virus! #beprepared #zika," he captioned the photo.

4. Derick's Health is on the Decline

Since the couple moved to El Salvador, Derick Dillard has been looking more frail by the day. Jill Duggar posted pictures of Derick on her Instagram account where he was looking particularly gaunt. Fans immediately became concerned for Derick's well-being.

Happy Independence Day from the Dillard's! #4thofJuly So thankful for freedom! Una foto publicada por Jill Dillard (@jillmdillard) el


Some had even suggested that Derick appears to be addicted to opiates. Dillard recently had an extensive surgery on his jaw and mouth. Some are saying that he began abusing the medication that was given to him to ease the pain of the surgery.

"He looks so sick! I pray y'all are taking care of yourself," wrote one commentator.

"Derick looks like he started smoking crack. I wonder if he got addicted to pain meds from that jaw surgery. I feel sorry for Jill," said another commentator.

 3. Using Local Women to Make Money  

Jill and Derick were highly criticized after sharing an Instagram pic of women from their community selling jewelry for their ministry. Many attacked Jill and Derick, saying that they were using these women to make a profit, while the women probably need the money way more than the Duggars do.

 Jewelry on the display table this weekend made by local women to sell as part of our ministry. #economicempowerment #praiseJesus

Una foto publicada por Derick Dillard (@derickdillard) el


"@derickdillard by stating that the jewelry made by the women to "sell as part of [your] ministry," do you mean they are selling it to make funds for your ministry? If it's about economic empowerment, shouldn't the funds go back into the pockets of the women and families who made the items?!?!," wrote one commentator.

2. Misusing Donations for Their Mission  

Before Jill and Derick had even set out for their mission trip, they asked fans on their website to make donations to their cause. However, after the Dillards arrived in El Salvador, they flew back and forth to the States a lot. People began accusing them of misusing the donations.

According to Star Pulse, fans became angry when they saw that their money was being used for Jill and Derick's travels, and not being used to go towards schools, hospitals and other important programs.

"Jill and Derek, I donated money to your cause, so you can help the poor in El Salvador, instead, you are using the money for your traveling vacation. Where are the pics of all the work in El Salvador, so far it is all very limited, you spend more money traveling back and forth than the cause we donated the money. I am no longer going to give to your fund. I am very upset and you lost a fan," said one upset commentator on Facebook.  

1. Abusing their Son Israel

Jill and Derick have been accused of poor parenting a few times. But the most serious case, which even went to the point of some saying it was child abuse, happened during their time in El Salvador.

On Dec. 30, Jill and Derick posted photos on the Dillard Family Blog of Israel hysterically sobbing as he was tightly wrapped up in a blanket. The photos were almost immediately removed after a flood of negative responses. Star Pulse saved the photos, which you can take a look at here.

In the photo, the Dillards are "blanket training" their son. According to Defamer, this method is supposed to teach the child obedience and self-reliance. Jill's mother, Michelle, has admitted to using the method on her own children. It consists of wrapping the child in a blanket and "flicking them with a ruler or other instrument" if the baby attempts to crawl out of the blanket.

Moments after those photos were removed, Jill and Derick posted a photo on Instagram of Israel playing on the floor with a big black eye.

Israel loved his 1st Christmas! #israeldaviddillard #firstchristmas #christmas2015 Una foto publicada por Derick Dillard (@derickdillard) el


 "He was swaddled tightly. The American Academy of Pediatrics states to not swaddle after babies can roll on their own. He is clearly old enough to do so. You can defend the Duggars all you want. I choose not to. Their parenting style is abusive," wrote one follower.

 "That poor child has gone beyond 'minor crying' to full-blown 'severely upset sobbing.' He needs to be held and comforted, not confined in a sheet and left to scream and cry. This photo is just really disturbing," said a commenter on the Facebook group, Duggar Family News.

 Do you think that Jill and Derick have been inappropriately using their time in El Salvador? Sound off in the comments below.

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