21 Savage Defends The Man Who Killed Bankroll Fresh, Says He's Close Friends With The Shooter



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Last month, No Plug — who's a rapper from Atlanta — admitted to killing up-and-coming rhymer Bankroll Fresh and claimed it was in self-defense. He also said due to a lot of witnesses being on the scene, the homicide detectives believed his story and let him go after a brief interrogation.

Today (July 27), VladTV released an interview with 21 Savage, where he talked about the incident and also spoke about being close friends with No Plug. He also said that his pal was given a bad wrap in the press, despite not being charged with murder.

"They tried to paint a bad picture on my brother and tried to make him look like he was a hater, like it was some envy, jealousy type s---," said Savage. "[At first] it sounded like your best friend betrayed and killed you for no reason, because you're a rapper. That's what they made it seem like."

According to Plug, Fresh and his crew confronted him with weapons over a previous incident at a local Thanksgiving turkey drive, and that's when he was forced to protect himself.

"He fired a shot and s--- happened," he stated. "We pulled out, and he ended up dead. It's that simple ... He approached me twice with a gun. The first time when he came down, and he had the gun before it fell. The second time when he came out with the stick."

You can see that particular interview below, as well as the 21 Savage clip.

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