'Power Rangers' Movie Spoilers: Naomi Scott Clarifies Bryan Cranston's 'Dark Knight' Comment

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  • Jul, 27, 2016, 02:57 PM
(Photo : Lionsgate) The "Power Rangers" cast discuss Bryan Cranston's "Dark Knight" comment, working with stunt doubles and morphing into the Rangers.

Comic-Con 2016 may be over, but we're still finding out more details about the upcoming "Power Rangers" movie because Collider has released their interview from the convention.

Naomi Scott, who plays the Pink Ranger, clarified what Bryan Cranston meant when he compared the reboot film to "The Dark Knight."

"I think what he means by that in terms of the reimagining is it's a reboot. And so it's an opportunity to take something and make it more real, and more real to now and what we're going through, so what the characters are going through," she said.

Scott went on to say that part of making it "more real to now" means addressing issues that teenagers are going through in the digital age.

She said, "It really relates to kids. They're real issues. Cyber bullying is one of the things in the movie that's kind of touched upon. I think that's what [Cranston] means. Aesthetically, with the little bits that we've seen, it looks amazing. There's a grit to it that people will love."

Speaking of Cranston, Dacre Montgomery, who plays the Red Ranger, mentioned in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview that the rest of the cast did not know the "Breaking Bad" alum would be playing Zordon when everyone arrived on set.

He admitted, "We spent a bit of time collaborating through the rehearsal process with other people before it was initially established that he was going to be playing the role. So we had a bit of contact with these other actors. And suddenly he came into the mix, and we were like, 'Oh my god, it's Bryan Cranston.'"

The red, yellow, blue, pink and black Ranger outfits aren't the only things that will distinguish the characters from each other. Their fighting styles are different as well.

R.J. Cyler, who plays the Blue Ranger, told Collider, "It's almost like our fighting styles match our personality in this movie, which is really, really cool. None of us fight like the next. ... We all have characteristics that come out during our fighting scenes."

When it came time to work with their stunt doubles for training, the cast were very involved in the process, according to Becky G., who's playing the Yellow Ranger.

She explained, "Our stunt doubles went out of their way to spend one on one time with us and say, 'Okay, so how would you be in a situation like this? How would you approach it as Trini?' And for me, I'm like, 'She's cutthroat. She gets down and dirty. She's not going to waste her time running away from somebody. If she's going to punch you, she's just going to punch you.' So you kind of see that."

Just because there will be a lot of action scenes doesn't mean the film will ignore any sort of emotional arc.

"You can definitely expect [emotional scenes]. You're dealing with teenagers who are finding out who they are and discovering themselves--and not just that, but doing it with the responsibility now of saving the world and saving people. It's very stressful," Becky G. said.

Finally, the cast mentioned that fans will be seeing a morphing scene, when they transform into the Power Rangers.

Becky G. teased, "How does it come about? We can't tell you."

Scott didn't give anything away either, saying, "It's very special but not necessarily what you are used to."

Hopefully, we will find out more when the trailer is eventually released.

"Power Rangers" will be released in theaters on March 23, 2017.

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