Chris Brown Pays To Be In The Bloods Gang, Says Kevin McCall, Claims He Cheated Him In Deal

Chris Brown
(Photo : Getty Images/Jason Merritt) Chris Brown's gang affiliation was discussed by the singer Kevin McCall.

Chris Brown and Kevin McCall have become official enemies at this point, and it all started from a failed business relationship.

If you've been following, then you know the two singers engaged in a major diss battle earlier this year and threw insults back and forth like a football or Frisbee. Even Karrueche Tran was tossed into the mix.

During a recently released interview, McCall opened up about his problems with Brown, and he also accused him of paying off the Bloods gang just to be a member. On top of that, the "Deuces" writer blasted other artists for glorifying gang life, because it's something that he's been stuck around since being a kid. 

"You gotta pay to play," said Kevin. "I guess they're paying to do something. When you get homeboys that get shot and you get guns put on you this week and you got daughters, two daughters, the s--- aint cute."

Then McCall talked about that business relationship that didn't work out, and he claimed that Breezy made him sign a bad deal.

"To make the long story short, paperwork wasn't legit, and I kinda blame that on myself," he explained.

"I kind of have to change the narration that I've been giving. It's not a 'Woe is me' story. I signed it, but at the same time it would be like me bringing my partner in here and saying 'Look, you trust me, right? Sign this. That's kind of what happened," added McCall.

You can watch the whole interview below, and don't be surprised if Mr. Brown took offense to some of Kevin's comments and blasts back.

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