'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Trailer: 5 Awesome [SPOILERS] From The Comic-Con 2016 Clip

"The Walking Dead" Negan
(Photo : Gene Page/AMC) "The Walking Dead" season 7 trailer is here, and it reveals plenty of spoilers about future episodes. In the short clip, we see the Kingdom, the Sanctuary and shots of season 6's finale victim. "The Walking Dead" season 7 comes to AMC on Oct. 23.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 trailer debuted during San Diego Comic-Con last week, and we've dissected it to reveal some awesome SPOILERS for future episodes. Here are five of the biggest hints that we were able to find!

1) Negan Attacks The Hilltop

One of the quickest slices we can see from the trailer is that Negan and the Saviors attack the Hilltop at some point. Community leader Gregory is seen peering out his window at something fiery in the distance. There are people hanging from the walls and walkers laying siege to the settlement.

What's interesting about this particular scene is that it doesn't happen in the comics. In the printed narrative, Dwight brings a small crew to Alexandria to wreak havoc and is eventually captured and released by Rick. The remixing tradition of the TV adaptation is alive and well, and it could get the Hilltop involved quicker and in a much bigger way.

2) The Sanctuary

Something a bit more readily visible is the Saviors' iconic home base called the Sanctuary. The dead giveaway for its inclusion is the row of chained up walkers outside of a building. Those that have read the comics will know that the Saviors use zombies as a defense mechanism, and that's what's being showcased here.

We also see quick shots of a firearm-bearing Dwight peering over one of its towers. There's nothing particularly special about its design, but it's certainly cool to see how the location has been represented. We saw aerial photos of the set a few weeks back, but these official shots from the trailer are much nicer!

3) The Kingdom

Also in the list of new locations for "The Walking Dead" season 7 is the Kingdom. In this instance, the trailer actually pulls out to give us a pretty clear view. We see the school that acts as its town hall, as well as the surrounding area. Everything appears to be in a state of peace, and it's surrounded by guards clad in armor. Carol and Morgan ran into one of them towards the end of season 6.

(Photo : Gene Page/AMC)

Equally visible are the leader, King Ezekiel, and his tiger, Shiva. Contrary to popular belief, Teen Titans actor Khary Payton has been cast for the human role. He's majestic and wields a sword that essentially doubles as his staff. Shiva, or course, won't be played by a real tiger. Her appearance in the trailer looks very CG, but we never expected much more than that. Regardless, the Kingdom's introduction is huge for season 7.

4) The Adventures Of Heath And Tara

Because they're safe from Negan's finale death sequence, much of the trailer focused on an upcoming episode with Heath and Tara. Their supply run from season 6 predictably doesn't go as planned, and the pair encounters some pretty strange stuff.

Based on the green mesh and tents of the surrounding location, it looks like they may come across some kind of military installation packed with humans and walkers. Tara points a gun at one assailant and then decides to knock them out instead. There are also shots of new cast members pointing guns in her direction. What we're seeing here are the results of recent filming and, possibly, a TV-exclusive arc.

5) So Does Abraham Get Killed By Negan?

AMC was very careful to hide concrete clues about Negan's Lucille victim in the season 6 finale, but the new trailer offers fresh perspective on the scene. In one particular angle we, see Negan slamming down with the shadow of a woman and a short-haired character at the tail end of the line. We already know that that's Glenn. Eugene's mullet would cast a much bigger shadow.

(Photo : AMC/YouTube)

At this point, that seemingly confirms that Glenn is not TV's first Lucille victim. Beyond that, if we assume that Negan's looming stature blocks two characters, then Abraham is clearly the target of the blows. He's two spaces from a woman character, Rosita, and has Glenn, a short-haired character, at the end of the lineup. This scenario matches spoilers about the finale death sequence. Those can be read here.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 premiere airs Oct. 23 on AMC.

What did you think of the Comic-Con trailer? Do these spoilers get you excited? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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