Huawei Beats Samsung In China's Smartphone Market But South Korean Brand Tops Global Market

  • Mary Heart , Design & Trend
  • Jul, 22, 2016, 11:59 PM
(Photo : Getty Images/John Macdougall ) Huawei emerged triumphant in Q2.

Huawei was named the top player in China's smartphone market for Q2 2016, while Samsung and Apple continued to experience a significant decline in their sales in the most populated country in the world.

TrendForce, a market intelligence provider, released its reports on China's smartphone market and the global smartphone market on Wednesday.

According to the first report, Huawei was the top player in China's market, followed by Oppo, BBK/vivo, Lenovo and Xiaomi in this order, GSM Arena has learned.

TrendForce smartphone analyst Avril Wu said, "The combined production volume of Chinese brands in the second quarter reached 139 million units, up 13.8 percent from the previous quarter."

In addition, Wu noted that this is the second straight quarter that Chinese brands trumped the leading international players, Samsung and Apple, in China.

"For the second straight quarter, the combined volume from Chinese brands was larger than the combined volume of the two leading international brands, Samsung and Apple," Wu said. 

Early this month, Samsung revealed that it was struggling to sell its smartphones in China, stating that its sales significantly decreased since 2013.

It can be noted that at the start of 2013, Samsung was the leading smartphone maker in China. However, because local brands started releasing low-priced phones at the time, Samsung's sales slumped, as per Digital Trends.

Apple also suffered the same fate. Its market share in the country dropped to 10.8 percent in Q2 from last year's 12 percent.

In April, Apple revealed that there has been a total of 26 percent of decline in its revenue from China, 9To5Mac reported.

Despite losing to Huawei in China's smartphone market, Samsung and Apple emerged as the top players in the international smartphone market.

Samsung rose to the top with 24.5 percent market share, while Apple followed suit with 15.1 percent market share.

Huawei came third with 9.2 percent market share. Oppo and LG came fourth and fifth with 5.6 percent and 5.4 percent market shares, respectively.

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