Apple Watch Trumps Samsung Smartwatches Sales Despite Q2 Slump

  • Mary Heart , Design & Trend
  • Jul, 21, 2016, 10:04 PM
Apple Watch
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) A market research firm has revealed that Apple Watch sales trump Samsung smartwatch sales.

Apple Watch sales trumped the sales figures of Samsung's smartwatches in the second quarter, proving that Apple's wearable tech is still more popular than Samsung's.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), a premier market intelligence firm, Apple sold around 1.6 million units of its Apple Watch in Q2, while Samsung sold around 600,000 smartwatches, MacRumors has learned. 

The big difference in the sales figures between the wearable devices from the competing tech giants also equates to the large gap between the 47 percent market share of Apple Watch compared to the 16 percent market share of Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatches. 

Hence, the market research firm concluded that Apple Watch is thrice as popular as Samsung Gear more than a year after the Cupertino-headquartered company rolled out its wearable devices in the United States. 

Interestingly, the established popularity of the Apple Watch over the Samsung Gear was not enough for Apple to lure more customers into purchasing any of its smartwatches. 

Based on the same research by the IDC, the Apple Watch saw a 32% decline in terms of accomplished shipments. Compared to the 5.1 million units shipped in 2015, Apple shipped 3.5 million units until the second quarter of 2016, according to Business Wire

On the other hand, Samsung's shipments were found to have significantly improved. As a matter of fact, there has been a 51 percent year-over-year growth and a 9 point increase in its market share this Q2. 

IDC's senior research analyst Jitesh Ubrani shed light on the possible reason why there's been a decline on Apple's end.

"Consumers have held off on smartwatch purchases since early 2016 in anticipation of a hardware refresh, and improvements in WatchOS are not expected until later this year, effectively stalling existing Apple Watch sales," Urbani said as quoted by Nasdaq

Urbani further said that the decline in Apple Watch sales has a negative implication.

"Apple still maintains a significant lead in the market and unfortunately a decline for Apple leads to a decline in the entire market," he said. 

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