'Basketball Wives LA' Season 5 Cast: Meet DeJuan Blair Girlfriend Angel Love [VIDEO]

(Photo : Instagram/Angel Love) Get to know more about "Basketball Wives LA" newbie and DeJuan Blair's girlfriend, Angel Love.

"Basketball Wives LA" is back with season five, and two new cast members have come along with it.

If you caught the season five trailer for the VH1 reality show, then you caught a glimpse of newbies DJ Duffey and Angel Love.

It has never been easy for new cast mates to blend in with the tight knit group of BBWLA cast -- Just ask Angel Brinx, who is still feuding with veteran Malaysia Pargo since being introduced to the cast by Draya Michele back on season four. However, DJ Duffey and Angel Love don't seem to be the least bit intimidated by their cast mates shenanigans.

While fans will learn a lot more about the new ladies as the new season progresses, newbie Angel recently shared a few fun facts about herself during an interview with VH1.

Check out everything we learned about Angel below:

5. She's actually already an established career woman: "Before 'Basketball Wives' I've done music videos, I have three college degrees and I'm a registered nurse."

4. Her longtime boyfriend is in the NBA: "I'm joining 'Basketball Wives' because I love basketball, and I'm dating DeJuan Blair. He plays for Washington. We've been dating for about four years. I'm very confident in knowing that my man loves me and he wants me," she said. "We do have some differences, but that's just the situations where I have to be a little more patient, a little more understanding. We have an awesome kid together by the name of Heaven Love, and she's amazing. She's like everything for us."

3. It took for her to be on a reality show to finally believe reality TV wasn't scripted: "Well I thought reality TV was scripted, and it was a little fake. Ain't nothing fake about this. It gets a little tough at times. What I've learned to do from watching past seasons [is to] stand up for yourself, never allow anyone to run over you. You don't wanna seem like you're weak."

2. She wants to use the show's platform to inspire and motive young girls: "I feel like I have a lot to contribute to the show, and eventually everyone will love me. I'm definitely not worried about any skeletons in my closet. I'm very transparent. But the ultimate game plan is to basically encourage younger girls. I just feel like me being a brown skinned chick coming from the south, I've accomplished a lot, and I just wanna show young girls whatever you wanna do in life, you can do it. Just put your mind to it, and you can actually achieve anything you wanna do in life."

1. She's a sweetie pie, but she isn't taking any mess from her cast mates: "I was raised with good morals and values; good southern hospitality. But right now I'm loving L.A. I'm new here. I don't really know a lot of people, but overall I think I can make a good situation out of this. This season I think people will know that I'm a strong woman and I know how to stand my ground."

For more Angel, tune into "Basketball Wives LA" every Sunday night at 8 p.m. on VH1.

Check out Angel's VH1 interview below!

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