PS4 Neo: Why The Leaked Release Date And Price Is Great For Sony's High-Spec PlayStation

(Photo : Alex Wong/Getty Images) PlayStation Neo leaks suggest that the console could release on the same day as PlayStation VR for the price of $400. While the subject of a high-spec PS4 remains controversial, this plan seems to serve Sony fans and holiday shoppers very well.

PS4 Neo leaks may have revealed the price and release date of Sony's high-spec PlayStation earlier this week. Should the details be accurate, here's why we think it will work well for the 2016 console!

For those that missed the news, a page on Amazon Span (via briefly listed details that suggest an Oct. 13 release date for around $400.

1) The $400 Barrier Isn't Passed

When Sony first revealed the PS4's pricing at E3 2013, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Andrew House promised that the console would offer "the greatest value in the industry" with a price of $399. That isn't true anymore as Xbox One prices continue to plummet in desperation, but it established an expectation for gamers: the PS4s starting price would be around $400.

Ergo, launching the PS4 Neo in that same sweet spot makes a ton of sense. It hits the reset button on pricing without doing anything that totally defies what we've already seen from the brand. People liked the $400 price before, and they probably will again. With regard to value, the Xbox One Scorpio looks like it's going to be quite a powerful and expensive machine. Given that it won't be available until 2017, the Neo could be a cheaper product by then. Sony is set up to once again offer a lower-priced alternative.

2) It Lines Up With The PlayStation VR Launch

The PlayStation Neo is already being quietly marketed as an optional high-spec version for those that want the extra power, and that idea lines up perfectly with Sony's upcoming virtual reality headset. Both products appeal to a more premium, diehard PlayStation audience. Association-wise, there's plenty of wisdom in putting the two new skus right next to each other on the shelf.

Even though we don't know much about the Neo, it's obvious that Sony is likely going to position the console as the best way to experience what virtual reality has to offer. Given that assumption, why not put out the two pieces of hardware on the exact same day? A value-priced bundle with both products seems like an amazing idea.

3) A Holiday Seller

Sony has historically relegated major hardware launches for the fall with good reason: the holiday season is when most folks invest in more costly tech. It allows the Neo and PlayStation VR to be marketed as hot gift items. Especially if there's a bundle with both units together for something like $750, that could potentially be a huge Black Friday door buster with $50 or $100 shaved off. It's a perfect storm of consumerist opportunity!

(Photo : Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

4) An Instant Gratification Announcement

If Sony really intends for an Oct. 13 release date, that suggests that a reveal for the console is likely coming soon with retail arrival shortly thereafter. It implies the sort of "instant gratification" announcement that has served companies like Apple very well for years.

In that regard, the best time for a reveal would probably be during Tokyo Game Show in mid-September. The Neo can be featured prominently on stage during a press conference and then be in the hands of consumers just a few weeks later. The casual U.S. audience doesn't focus on TGS much, but the hardcore crowd that Sony hopes to attract with the Neo is far more likely to pay attention to it.

5) The Standard PS4 Could Get Cheaper

If the PS4 Neo retails for $400, then the price of the standard PS4 will likely have to come down with it. Especially with the Xbox One now more affordable than ever, the time has come for Sony to finally make a move and offer a serious cut. Why not let the lower-tier model sell for $300 now?

As for how that structure would serve the Neo better, consider the potential backlash that Sony could face when the high-spec PlayStation is revealed. One way to bring some additional light to that situation is to offer a standard PS4 price drop as well. It's also worth noting that, since the Neo and launch models operate within the same ecosystem, both consoles complement each other. Increased PlayStation hardware and software sales of any kind benefit all parties involved.

Beyond confirming its existence, Sony hasn't said anything more in an official capacity about the PS4 Neo.

What do you think of this leak? Is the price and release date good enough for you to buy one? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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