'The Walking Dead' Prank War Between Norman Reedus And Andrew Lincoln Continues [VIDEO]

(Photo : Gene Page/AMC) Norman Reedus has pulled yet another prank on his "The Walking Dead" co-star Andrew Lincoln.

"The Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus has pulled yet another prank on his co-star Andrew Lincoln.

Reedus, who plays fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon on the hit AMC series, packed the vents of Lincoln's car full of glitter and then recorded the aftermath in a video he shared on Instagram.

In the clip, which Reedus captioned "Glitter attack successful," Lincoln looks perplexed and confused as different colors of glitters cascade from his auto's air conditioning outlets.

As a laughing Reedus approaches, the victim of his latest prank says, "It's still going, dude. How much did you f--king put in there?"

"Have a nice ride home in the heat, bro," Reedus replies.

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As fans of the duo know, this isn't the first time Reedus has pulled a prank on Lincoln, who portrays Rick Grimes on the zombie drama.

During his appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" last February, Reedus revealed that the prank war started when someone gifted him an '80s-style airbrushed Daryl Dixon license plate, which he snuck onto Lincoln's vehicle without the 42-year-old British actor noticing.

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Lincoln swore he would get revenge on Reedus, but the "Boondock Saints" actor pulled a prank on Lincoln once again even before the latter could get back on him.

"He was trying to plot, but he's really bad at it to be honest," Reedus said. "So the last day of shooting for this latest season, he walked into his trailer and I'd filled it full of chickens."

"You filled his trailer full of chickens?" Corden asked. "Hold on, you were trying to get him back for something he hadn't done yet?"

"Yeah, you gotta hit 'em quick, you know what I mean?" Reedus said. "A good offense."

The premiere date for "The Walking Dead" season 7 is expected to be announced during the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con this coming Friday, July 22. A trailer for the upcoming installment is also expected to debut during the event.

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