'Containment': 5 Reasons This CW Series Should Be Renewed For Season 2 After Series Finale

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(Photo : Carin Baer/The CW) What happened to Dr. Lommers? Did she go down for creating the virus? Here are five reasons "Containment" should have been renewed for a second season.

"Containment" may not have given a 100 percent closure to fans in its series finale, but it did manage to wrap up a few characters' story lines. Inside the cordon, Dr. Cannerts was one step closer to finding a treatment plan which could fight the virus. Thanks to the recently deceased Katie and the mob leader's brother, the CDC doctor found a way to develop a cure.

Meanwhile, Jana, Suzy, Meese, Xander, Teresa and the baby attempted to escape the cordon through the underground sewer lines. However, they never made it — the National Guard and police offers bombed the escape route before anyone else made it outside the cordon.

Major Lex met Jana while trying to save her from these explosions. He chose to go inside the cordon, live with the love of his life and face the disease rather than live outside the quarantine without her.

Meanwhile, Lex's father and Leo worked together to bring down Dr. Sabine Lommers. She was arrested in the series finale of "Containment."

Here are some reasons why we feel this CW series should have been renewed for a second season:

(Photo : Carin Baer/The CW)

5. What happened to Lommers?

The woman responsible for creating and distributing the virus was accused and arrested, but did she ever get the punishment she deserved for killing thousands of people? We'll never know.

4. Fans didn't get closure for all characters

Although Birdy and his lover's storyline wrapped up in a nice bow — they poisoned themselves — we'll never know what happened next to Jake, Quentin, a pregnant Suzy, new mother Teresa and Xander. Also, how will Lex adjust to life inside the cordon?

(Photo : Carin Baer/The CW)


3. The cure to the virus still had to be discovered

Dr. Cannerts discovered a potential treatment plan, but he never tested it on any infected person. Did he finally find the cure?

2. The quarantine was not lifted

Towards the end of "Containment" episode 13, the quarantine was still in place. Would the fence ever come down?

1. Did any of the characters ever get out?

Jake had promised Katie that he would find a way to get her son Quentin out of the cordon. That never happened. In the future, do any of the characters get out? Do they survive the plague?

Do you feel the show should have been renewed? Grade the series finale and then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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