'Scandal' Stars Kerry Washington, Joe Morton Reunite At Broadway Show 'Turn Me Loose'

Kerry Washington
(Photo : Getty Images/Jason Merritt) Kerry Washington will reprise her role as Olivia Pope in "Scandal" season 6.

"Scandal" lead star Kerry Washington recently reunited with her co-star Joe Morton at the latter's Broadway show "Turn Me Loose."

According to E! News, Washington watched Morton's performance over the weekend. She also posted a photo of their reunion via her Instagram account.

On her Instagram account, the actress expressed how proud she is of "Papa Pope" for his stellar portrayal of Dick Gregory.

The actress added that not only was she blown away by Morton's performance, but she was also inspired by the story of "Turn Me Loose."

Fans of Washington and Morton were pleased to see the co-stars together.

One fan @charliquiet wrote, "LOVE, LOVE YOU BOTH!! #Scandal...Super fan!"

Another fan @phunkie_betagirl, "Can't wait to watch season 6, you guys are amazing!"

One fan @losvalle_5 praised Morton for his acting abilities; however, the fan also thinks that his character in "Scandal" is evil.

In the hit ABC series, Olivia and Rowan have a love-hate relationship. They are constantly fighting, but they've also got each other's backs.

Meanwhile, Washington and Morton have not started filming for "Scandal" season 6. At present, the actress is pregnant with her second child so the producers of the show decided to release season 6 early next year instead of this fall.

While speaking with the same publication, Washington confirmed that her character Olivia Pope won't be pregnant in the upcoming episodes of "Scandal" season 6.

"As far as I know, we're going to be hiding things. But stay tuned!" she said.

 "Scandal" season 6 will premiere on ABC sometime in 2017.

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