Sony Xperia F8331 New Photos Leak Online, Show Curved Glass Design

Sony Xperia
(Photo : JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images) The new Xperia F8331 will be Sony's first handset to feature a curved glass design up front.

Sony Xperia F8331's live photos were recently leaked online.

In the photos exclusively obtained by GSMArena, the most noticeable thing about the Sony Xperia F8331, Xperia X Performance's successor, is that it comes with a very different design compared to other Sony handsets.

The images show that the Xperia F8331 comes with a glass panel up front. The glass is slightly curved on the sides, while the top and bottom bezels are flat.

The photos also show that the handset will feature front-facing stereo speakers and an NFC antenna right beside the earpiece.

Sources have indicated that the Xperia F8331 will come with a display that is slightly larger than the 5-inch Xperia X Performance, but it will still retain the 1080p full HD screen resolution. It's possible that the upcoming handset's screen will be 5.5 to 5.7 inches, Android Authority speculates.


(Photo : GSMArena)


On the back, Sony has also changed the layout for the dual-LED flash.

Instead of just a single circular opening, the dual-LED flash is now inside a pill-shaped module which might also house the camera's laser auto-focus sensor.

Although it remains unconfirmed, the Xperia F8331's cameras up front and back will be capable of 4K video recording.

The bottom part of the back also shows a separate plastic section which should serve as the handset's antenna window. Majority of the device's back seems to be brushed metal, so the plastic antenna window is necessary for radio signals to pass through.


(Photo : GSMArena)


Based on the images, the Xperia F8331's power button will still be located on the side, possibly next to the fingerprint sensor.

On the top, the 3.5mm headphone jack is still present, while at the bottom is a USB Type-C port.

Sony is expected to officially unveil the Xperia F8331 during this year's IFA conference in Berlin, which will be held Sept. 2 to 7.

(Photo : GSMArena)

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