Elon Musk Defends Tesla Motors, Teases Lidar-like Radar Amid Autopilot Controversy

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  • Jul, 15, 2016, 09:45 PM
Elon Musk
(Photo : Getty Images/Mike Windle) Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to tease about new sensor technology of the automaker's future cars.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter late Thursday and early Friday to defend his company and to drop a bombshell amid the beating Tesla is getting for the May 7 car crash that involved a Model S unit engaged in Autopilot mode. 

The SpaceX visionary and billionaire first shared a news report about the European Authority's findings on the second case of a Tesla car crash that was reported earlier this week. 

Proudly sharing the good news to his followers, Musk tweeted: "EU regulators find no safety concerns with Autopilot."

Further shedding light on the implication of the second case, Musk defended his company and clarified why consumers, critics, and the media in general should not put the blame of Tesla. 

According to Musk, he found out that the second case involving one of his company's electric cars did not have anything to do with Autopilot, since the feature was turned off at the time of the crash.

Musk went as far as claiming that the Pennsylvania crash could have been prevented had the victim driving the car used the Autopilot feature.

Aside from voicing out his opinion on the crash, Musk also took the time to tease about what he and his company are working on to improve the Autopilot feature of Tesla cars.

"Working on using existing Tesla radar by itself (decoupled from camera w (sic) temporal smoothing to create a coarse point cloud, like lidar," he wrote.

Musk then pointed out the main advantage of having this kind of Lidar-like radar technology by tweeting: "Good thing about radar is that, unlike lidar (which is visible wavelength), it can see through rain, snow, fog and dust."

TechCrunch pointed out that Musk has rejected the idea of using Lidar in the past, so now it's interesting that he is opting to modify Tesla's radar technology to make it somewhat similar to Lidar. 

The Lidar-like radar technology is also said to be what's in store for the Autopilot update of Tesla car sensors, according to Electrek

The news about Musk's plan to improve the Autopilot feature came weeks after Tesla Motors released details about the upcoming v8.0 update of its Model S and Model X software. 

The 8.0 software update is expected to bring a major UI change, a redesigned map and navigation interface, improved voice command technology and other new features.

The beta version of the update is still being tested as of late, but Model S and Model X owners can expect the official release of the OTA update in a few months' time. 

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