50 Cent Talks Drake-Meek Mill Beef, Sees No 'Threat Level': Calls Out French Montana

50 Cent
(Photo : Getty Images/Michael Loccisano) 50 Cent discusses the Meek Mill and Drake beef.

During a recent interview with rapper N.O.R.E. on his Drink Champs podcast, 50 Cent discussed the on-going beef between Drake and Meek Mill and revealed that he doesn't see a "threat level" with the two.

According to 50 Cent, the fact that Drake's "Back To Back" diss received a Grammy nomination means the record was art and not a threat.

When you see them give Drake an award,” 50 Cent said. “When he gets the award for the record means they viewed it as if it was art for the first time. The competitive nature of our culture in hip-hop, they viewed it as art and honored it."

"Because they didn’t see the threat level in what he was saying. Whenever I’m competing they think it’s gonna spill out on the streets. Some s*** is gonna happen because they seen s*** happen," he continued.

50 Cent also revealed that choosing sides early in the beef and siding with Meek Mill was a mistake.

“It’s a mistake because I could have let it be so quiet that you don’t know I like him [Meek Mill] or he’s cool,” said 50. “And then when that happens to him it just happens to him. Cause I watched this kid from YouTube clips. In the neighborhood rapping, and I liked it cause it was the raw element.”

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 Cent spoke about French Montana and his crew, calling them "suckas." According to 50, it was French Montana who gave him footage of DJ Khaled's mother during 50 Cent's feud with Khaled and Fat Joe.

“What made me look at French early on a little sideways was when I had my issues with Joe and them back then with Khaled,” 50 said. “They actually taped it. When you see Khaled’s mother sleeping on the thing and it says ‘a psychic told me.’ French and them actually taped it."

"You see what I’m saying? And they sent it to me. This is the crews they running around with now. So, I look at them like they suckas," he continued. "I don’t care about that really. It’s just that’s what it is… It’s like you belong with those suckas, sucka. It don’t matter to me.”

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