'Wayward Pines' Recap: 5 Burning Questions We Have After Season 2, Episode 8 'Pass Judgement'

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(Photo : Sergei Bashlakov/FOX) Did the First Generation catch Margaret? Find out by reading a quick reap of "Wayward Pines" season 2, episode 8 below.

Female Abby leader Margaret (side note: it's Abby not Abbie) proved that she isn't some lowly creature. In episode 7, she successfully escaped the lab and killed Megan Fisher.

In episode 8, Margaret proved she's extremely smart — smart enough to evade the town's militia. While the whole town searched for her in "Wayward Pines," she made her way to a secret underground tunnel that would allow her brethren to enter the town unnoticed.

Along the way, Margaret understood that the people wearing brown-colored clothing are the ones that will harm her. She didn't attack Rebecca — who was shockingly pregnant with Xander's child, and she even gave Adam a pass.

Episode 8 also revealed that Kerry can't have children since her uterus suffered from trauma caused during the Abby attack in the season 2 premiere.

Here are some burning questions we have after watching the latest "Wayward Pines" episode:

5. Will Jason cast Kerry aside?

Now that First Generation's leader, Jason, knows that Kerry can't give him a child, will he cast her aside? He seemed incredibly supportive when she broke the news, but it's his duty, as a citizen of Wayward Pines, to father a child.

(Photo : Sergei Bashlakov/FOX)

4. How will Theo react to Rebecca's secret?

Theo looks like he's already given up on his marriage with Rebecca, but how will he feel when she tells him that she is carrying Xander's child?

3. Is Adam gone for good?

Adam Hassler not only put his gun down when he encountered Margaret, but he also followed her out of the fence. She allowed him to walk amongst a horde of Abbies. Is he leaving Wayward Pines for good or does he have a plan?

2. Is Theo going to be the new leader of Wayward Pines?

He definitely does a better job of leading than Jason does by using common sense and logic.

(Photo : Sergei Bashlakov/FOX)


1. Will Margaret declare war on all humans?

Margaret now knows that there are good and bad people in Wayward Pines. Not everyone is out for blood. Will she declare a war on everyone inside the fence or will she only take out the ones donning brown-colored uniforms?

"Wayward Pines" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

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