'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey Says Season 6 Is Going To Be 'Little Less Confusing'

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall
(Photo : MTV) "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey said that season 6 won't be as confusing as the show's previous installments.

Tyler Posey said that the upcoming season 6 of "Teen Wolf" is going to be a bit straightforward.

In a recent interview with Teen Wolf News, Posey -- who plays Scott McCall on the MTV series --admitted that there have been times when he doesn't completely understand what's happening on the show.

"For the last two and a half seasons of 'Teen Wolf' it's been very confusing. Not random but they've just had a lot of content," the 24-year-old actor said. "Since we're a supernatural show we dive a lot into mythology and sometimes that can get very confusing."

Posey, however, said that the next installment won't be as confusing as the Benefactor and the Dread Doctors' storylines.

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"With this season we still do the 'Teen Wolf Thing' and, in 'Teen Wolf' fashion, we dive into mythology but we do it kind of at a slower pace and it's a little less confusing which I like a lot," Posey said. "I'm one who gets confused during a season. Even though I know what the hell is happening and what's going on, I've read the scripts, it's still a little confusing sometimes. One thing about this season is that it is a little less confusing for the people who can't really follow the story."

While it remains to be seen whether season 6 is really going to be less confusing, showrunner Jeff Davis revealed to MTV News that the new installment will introduce three new villains, which include the Nazi Werewolf and the man on horseback featured in the first teaser for season 6. As for the other antagonist, his/her identity remains a mystery.

"We have a really cool new mythology [for season 6]," Davis told the website last March. "That new mythology involves three new characters, three new bad guys. I don't want to say too much, but they look really cool. And they're tall again. For some reason we like really tall villains."

The premiere date for season 6 is expected to be announced at the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel later this month.

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