Google To Expand Play Music Family Sharing Plan To App, Videos And Books

(Photo : LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images) Google's Play Family Library will roll out to users later this month.

Google has announced that it will be launching Play Family Library, a new service which allows six people to share a single Google Play account, according to CNET.

Google first started offering the service back in Dec. 2015 when it launched Play Music family plan. Play Family Library is an expanded version of the same concept, and it will include apps, videos and books.

If a user subscribed to the Play Family Library plan, he or she will be able to give his or her family members access to that account. 

This means that all the apps, movies, TV shows and books that the user has purchased from Play Store can be used or viewed by up to five other people.

The concept is a lot like Apple's Family Sharing plan, which first launched in 2014.

The account holder of the Play Family Library plan will also have control over what members have access to. The account holder will be able to hide movies or TV shows from children or hide music that they don't want to share with others.

Users who wish to sign up for the Play Family Library won't have to pay extra, but they will need to link their Google account to a credit card.

Family members will then be able to use that account on their own Android device and start purchasing items from the Google Play Store.

To avoid any financial issues, Google will send the account holder a receipt for any purchases made by members of the plan. This helps them avoid any unwanted surprises of expensive purchases like multiple in-app upgrades.

This also allows parents to keep track of what their children are downloading from the Google Play Store, as pointed out by Ubergizmo.

Google has yet to confirm the official release date of the Play Family Library, but the service will begin rolling out to users in a few countries later this month.

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