'No Man's Sky': 5 Reasons Why Some Want The PS4/PC Game's Release To Be A Failure

"No Man's Sky"
(Photo : Hello Games) "No Man's Sky's" release will be an interesting time for the industry regardless of how the game is received. Below, we recap why some want Hello Games' massive indie project to fail. "No Man's Sky" comes to PS4 and PC on Aug. 9.

"No Man's Sky" hasn't even released yet, but it's still garnered lots of attention on the positive and negative sides of the aisle. As we prepare for launch, let's recap five reasons why some people want this PS4 and PC game to be a failure.

1) Its Passionate Fan Base

Every decent game has its crowd of passionate followers, but many communities pale in comparison to the true "No Man's Sky" evangelicals. Thanks to its unique concept of a "limitless" universe of 18 quintillion planets, this game has captured the imagination of throngs of sci-fi fans since the day it was announced. Throughout long news droughts, the "No Man's Sky" subreddit has remained active. Even with its many delays, the hype has never really died for those that have sipped the Kool-Aid long enough.

When there's that many people excited for a single thing, there's always going to be folks on the Internet that want to tear it down for the sake of creating mayhem. It's that simple. Some haters are tired of hearing about this game's expected greatness, so they want to see it fail.

2) Public Misconception

People also want to see "No Man's Sky" fail because the general public has plenty of misconceptions of what the game even is. With the way it's been marketed and hyped, it's not unreasonable to think of it as a triple-A experience with a triple-A release. Instead, what players are actually getting is an extremely indie game made by a team of about 20 people. That's not a bad thing, but it certainly skews the scale of the finished product a bit.

When so many people don't understand that caveat, it's essentially a grease fire waiting to happen. It's almost unavoidable that some consumers will be greatly disappointed by something that's this niche and unique. Some find it fun to watch that miscommunication unfold.

3) The Frequent Delays

As those that have followed "No Man's Sky" will know, this PC and PS4 title has had quite the rocky development. It was originally intended to launch in 2015 but was gradually pushed to June of this year. About a month before then, the title was delayed one more time to the Aug. 9 date that we've memorized today.

(Photo : Hello Games)

With all of these launch hiccups, it's no secret that some gamers are starting to feel a bit burnt out on the whole thing. To them, it may be better to watch it flop so that the public can move on to something else. A single delay rarely hurts a game, but multiple ones over a short time span can really do a number on an eager audience.

4) Xbox Fanboys

"No Man's Sky" has been heavily marketed as a PS4 console exclusive, and that means it's taken a prominent seat in the ongoing console war between Sony and Microsoft. PlayStation gamers see this title as one of the must-have releases of the year, and they love that it has some sense of exclusivity on their system.

Conversely, Xbox devotees hope it's a failure so that it looks like a blemish on the enemy side. It also doesn't hurt that any negative reviews would suggest that Microsoft's audience isn't missing out on anything fun. Nobody likes being barred from the latest and greatest content, so, to opposing fanboys, it's better for the venture to fail.

5) Indie Haters

Also jumping on the "No Man's Sky" hate train are those that share a general disdain for indie games. Some don't find these shorter, off-beat experiences that appealing. Others are simply tired of the oft-suggested patronizing that the media engages in when it comes to indie titles. "No Man's Sky" has been garnering enough pre-release praise from press to potentially be 2016's flagship indie darling.

That thought makes some fans of triple-A games gag. Would "No Man's Sky" be ignored if it were published by Ubisoft or Activision? Is half of its intrigue based on the size of the team making it? Those a bit down on the indie scene would say yes.

"No Man's Sky" comes to PS4 and PC on Aug. 9.

Why do you think so many people want "No Man's Sky's" release to be a failure? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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