'Dead Of Summer' Freeform Recap: 5 Burning Questions We Have After Episode 3 'Mix Tape'

Dead of Summer Freeform
(Photo : Freeform/Katie Yu) Cricket's past was revealed in "Dead Of Summer" episode 3.

"Dead Of Summer" may be one camp counselor down. However, given that Amy is the female lead of the story, it's highly doubtful that she died in the Freeform horror show's third episode.

After seeing Alex's back-story in episode 2, episode 3 showed Cricket's or Carolina's past. She is your average teenager wrestling with her weight and body issues. Finding it difficult to grab the attention of the opposite sex, Cricket sulks at the breakfast table. Her father tells her that the right man will not care about her weight. Only a few days later she catches her father cheating on her overweight mother with a more sexy and good-looking neighbor.

Cricket uses Damon — the town's drug smuggler — to make Alex jealous during a night off for the camp counselors. She goes with him for a ride that takes a deadly turn. He drives fast and she asks him to slow down. At that moment, she discovers a knife in his car and uses it to make him stop the car.

Garrett, Alex and Jesse had luckily followed Cricket and stopped Damon from doing any harm to Cricket. In the end, Alex went home with Cricket and they made out. However, during their make out session, she discovers that Blotter made a mix tape for her. Realizing she wants more than sex, she ends the session with Alex.

Throughout episode 3, viewers learn that Damon and his gang are part of a satanic cult. Someone shocking is also a member of the cult — Camp Director Deb.

(Photo : Freeform/Katie Yu)

"Mix Tape" ends with Amy being struck by a freak lightening while trying to retrieve a ball in Lake Stillwater.

Below are some burning questions we have after watching the latest "Dead Of Summer" episode:

5. Why is Carolina's nickname Cricket?

This question wasn't answered in the flashbacks.

4. Is Garrett onto something?

Garrett seems like the only person close to unmasking the secrets of Camp Stillwater. Maybe he will work with Amy to uncover the camp's many secrets?

3. What is Deb hiding?

Is she in cahoots with Damon — which would explain why she reopened Camp Stillwater — or is she against him?

(Photo : Freeform/Jack Rowand)


2. What happened to Blotter?

Blotter's severed hand was found in the bottom of Lake Stillwater, but is he alive?

1. Why is Amy the chosen one?

What makes her special? Damon and his friends thought Cricket was the chosen one, but it turned out to be Amy.

"Dead Of Summer" airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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