Google Android Wear Devices Recreated In New Render

Android Wear
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Google's Android Wear devices will have full circular displays, but only one of them will have full hardware and software features.

Google is rumored to be building two of its own Android Wear devices which will be released this year, Design & Trend reported last week.

Now, a new render published online by Android Police shows what the two new Android Wear devices may look like.

The recreations are based on information gathered by Android Police from its anonymous source.

The site gives this render a confidence level of 7 out of 10 due to previous reports that Google is still in the prototyping process. This means that the renders for both devices may not look exactly the same as the final products.

With that being said, both devices are still at a point where they could be delayed or even cancelled.

(Photo : Android Police)

In the photo, the Android Wear device on the left is the one that's been given the codename Angelfish and is the larger model of the two.

Since Angelfish is bigger, the crown button on its right side is prominently large as well.

It is believed that due to Angelfish's strap and lug design, it will not be compatible with Google MODE, the company's new line of watch bands. Angelfish will have a sportier design and will apparently be thicker than the smaller model.

The smaller Android Wear, shown on the right, is codenamed Swordfish. The device looks cleaner and smoother and bears a more minimalist, symmetrical design.

Swordfish appears to be smaller, thinner and lighter than the Angelfish model and is expected to be compatible with Google MODE.

It's also been noted that the Swordfish's screen bezel will have a slight curve. Although not shown in picture, it will have a small amount of display bezel, which means that there will be a black gap between the body and the display, Android Police noted.

Google may have decided to add a black gap between the body and the display as a substitute to giving the device a "flat tire" design, where the bottom of the screen is flat instead of circular.

Although the addition of the black gap removes the unwanted flat tire design, it makes the overall display area slightly smaller, which might turn off some consumers.

Google's Angelfish will be more of a standalone Android Wear smartwatch and will include built-in LTE connectivity, GPS and a heart rate monitor.

The Swordfish, on the other hand, won't come with LTE and GPS, but it will have a more affordable price.

Both are believed to come with Google Assistant, the more advanced version of Google Now, and will run Android Wear 2.0.

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