Schoolboy Q 'Blank Face LP' Review: 7 Best Songs On Tracklist, From 'Ride Out' To 'John Muir'

Schoolboy Q
(Photo : Getty Images/Frazer Harrison) Here are the seven best songs from Schoolboy Q's Blank Face LP.

Last week, Schoolboy Q released his highly-anticipated follow up to "Oxymoron," "Blank Face LP." While not as consistent as "Oxymoron," Q is back with most of the same formula that made his last album so popular. From a mix of love songs to gangster rap tracks and tales of Q's life, Schoolboy Q continues to prove why he's one of hip-hop's most underrated. And while Q's raps may have remained the same, the production on "Blank Face LP" has improved over his last album. 

Check out the seven best songs from the album below, in no particular order.

1. "That Part" featuring Kanye West

Sure, Kanye's verse wasn't one of his best but when the beat for "That Part" kicks in, everyone is ready to sing the song's memorable hook.

2. "Whateva U Want" featuring Candice Pillay

Leave it to Schoolboy Q to show you how a rap love song should be made. While many rappers get called soft for their romantic hip-hop tracks, Schoolboy Q knows how to find a perfect balance between the streets and romance.

3. "Ride Out" featuring Vince Staples

Schoolboy Q teams up with Vince Staples for what is probably the hardest song on the album. With its violent lyrics and aggressive flows, "Ride Out" never has you questioning Q and Staples' authenticty.

4. "Big Body" featuring Tha Dogg Pound

If you didn't look at the credits for "Blank Face LP," you would have no idea Tyler, The Creator is responsible for this funky west coast beat.

5. "Neva Change" featuring SZA

With a beat from one of the best in the game (DJ Dahi), Schoolboy Q takes a break from the bangers and reflects on his life.

6. "Tookie Knows II" featuring Traffic and T.F.

"Tookie Knows II" is one of those songs you will never hear on the radio but Schoolboy Q fans will be talking about the track for the rest of his career. With all of the features on "Blank Face LP," it's the lesser-known Traffic and TF who steal the show.

7. "John Muir"

On "John Muir," Schoolboy Q does what he does best: tell stories about his life. While we've heard the stories about Q's later years, "John Muir" is all about Q's early teenage years.

What do you think are the best songs on "Blank Face LP"? Let us know in the comments below.

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