50 Cent Talks Bobby Shmurda, Desiigner Being 1-Hit-Wonders, Explains Why Bobby Won't Win Case

50 Cent
(Photo : Getty Images/Valery Hache ) 50 Cent talked about Bobby Shmurda and Desiigner having only one hit record.

For any musician, coming out with a No.1 hit right off the bat has its pluses and minuses.

On the positive side, a chart-topping single early in an artist's career gives that person instant recognition and a wonderful launching pad. On the negative side, the rapper, singer or instrumentalist has to follow that tune up with another hit, or he or she will be put in that dreaded one-hit-wonder category.

That's basically what happened to Bobby Shmurda, according to 50 Cent, as well as Desiigner.

Of course, Shmurda didn't have much of a chance to follow-up on his "Hot N----" single after he was arrested for weapons possession and other charges.

Desiigner, on the other hand, still has every chance in the world to create another hit after "Panda," but 50 said it'll be extremely hard for him at this point.

"Bobby had a great record," he said while speaking to the Daily Beast.

"That song is a great record. A lot of times when an artist receives an opportunity too fast, like Desiigner and 'I got broads in Atlanta,' you haven't heard another song yet. You see what I'm saying? So you get a No. 1 record, and you think 'Well, how do I do this again?'"

Later in the interview, the G-Unit honcho said Shmurda's chances of beating his case are slim, simply because he's charged with conspiracy to murder, a charge that even well-known gangsters haven't walked away from.

"Give me a body, give me a homicide before you hand me a conspiracy charge," 50 stated.

"You can't beat conspiracy. John Gotti, The Teflon Don, took out bodies and it wasn't a problem ... But when you put him in a conspiracy case, he washed up. That means you knew, and you were aware of it," he explained.

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