'Containment' CW Recap: Did [SPOILER] Die? Top Moments In Episode 11 'Nothing Gold Can Stay'

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(Photo : Courtesy of The CW) Did [SPOILER] die in "Containment" episode 11? Read a quick recap of The CW series' latest episode below.

"Containment" dropped all niceness this week and aired an episode which contained a major character death. While it's not a 100% certain this character is dead, all clues point to Katie's demise.

Here's a quick recap of episode 11 "Nothing Gold Can Stay":

1. Dr. Sabine Lommers is a smart fox.

Did Major Lex really think Lommers would resign? The head of CDC quickly called a press conference in which she revealed the (sort of) truth about the virus — Dr. Cannerts concocted the deadly strain. Putting all blame on Cannerts and none on herself or her husband, Sabine Lommers brilliantly came out on top.

2. Katie says her "I Love Yous" and goodbyes.

Poor Katie. Jake's girlfriend and Quentin's mother finally succumbed to the effects of the virus. The CW didn't spare any details. Katie was shown coughing blood and having disgusting nightmares while still managing to parent Quentin and have a date with Jake. Even Cannerts' last-ditch effort of using Thomas' blood to cure Katie or at least slow down the symptoms doesn't work.

Eventually, the school teacher seemingly drowned in her own blood while a suited-up Jake held her in his arms. She seemed pretty dead.

(Photo : Courtesy of The CW)


3. Leo stops working with Lex ... or does he?

After Lommers' smart move at the press conference, Leo calls Lex and tells him he's out. He doesn't want to investigate anymore and risk losing his credibility in the process.

Yeah, right! After Lex's failed attempt at going to the authorities and telling the truth about Lommers, the Major receives a pizza he didn't order. In it is a key and an address. Leo was just being smart, the truth-seeking journalist is still playing the game.

Do you think Katie is dead? Hit the comments with your theories/thoughts.

"Containment" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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