Oliver And Felicity Vs. Rick And Michonne: Vote For Fav Kiss At 2016 Fan Favorite TV Awards

The Walking Dead, The Flash and Arrow
(Photo : The Walking Dead Facebook page/AMC, Katie Yu/The CW, Cate Cameron/The CW) The 2016 Fan Favorite Awards from Design & Trend and Fashion & Style are underway! Which couple shared the best kiss in 2016? Vote now!

Design & Trend is proud to host its first ever Fan Favorite TV Awards in 2016 alongside sister site Fashion & Style. Viewers can vote in a variety of interesting categories this year including Favorite Drama Series, Favorite Superhero, Favorite Villain, Favorite Kiss, Favorite Couple, Favorite Reality Shady Moment, Favorite Reality Show, Favorite Actress in a Drama and Favorite Actor in a Drama.

However, seasoned viewers know that the best part of a TV show is the romance. A passionate kiss or a slow blossom of a relationship or even a love triangle not only make a series interesting, but even enhances the show's main plot. After all, what's life without love?

Here are the nominees for Favorite Kiss:

6. Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth in ABC's "Quantico"

Getting close to Alex may have initially been a mission assigned to Ryan, but there's no denying that once he got to know her, he fell in love with the FBI trainee. The couple had a sizzling chemistry and shared ample passionate kisses on the show.

(Photo : ABC/Phillippe Bosse)

5. Caroline Forbes and Stefan Salvatore in The CW's "The Vampire Diaries"

There is something to be said about friendships that slowly blossom into romantic relationships. Caroline and Stefan finally kissed in season 6, and fans had waited for it for a long time. Of course, the wait was worth it since the couple kissed in the backdrop of a setting sun in a cozy cabin in the middle of the woods. Perfect setting!

(Photo : Bob Mahoney/The CW)

4. Barry Allen and Iris West in The CW's "The Flash"

Another couple that started as best friends and became lovers are Barry and Iris in "The Flash." Even before she found out that he was the Flash, they shared a tender lip-locking session.

(Photo : Katie Yu/The CW)

3. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in Netflix's "Jessica Jones"

What happens when two superheroes share a raunchy kiss and a bed? Jessica Jones may be a hard-drinking private investigator with a tragic past, but she certainly knows how to love.

(Photo : Myles Aronowitz/Netflix)

2. Rick Grimes and Michonne in AMC's "The Walking Dead"

There was always something more than friendship going on between Rick and Michonne in AMC's post-apocalyptic drama. Surprisingly, the characters confirmed fans' suspicion when the survivors locked lips soon after Rick met Jesus.

(Photo : The Walking Dead Facebook page/AMC)

1. Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak in The CW's "Arrow"

No two people are better suited to be together than Oliver and Felicity. Despite the many challenges that are constantly thrown at the couple, they always find a way back to each other.

(Photo : Dean Buscher/The CW)

Which couple do you think shared the best kiss? Vote below!

Voting for the 2016 Fan Favorite TV Awards is now closed. Thanks for voting!

Winners will be announced on Monday, Aug. 1.

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