'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Trailer: 9 Crazy Facts About The 3DS Games' 9 New Pokemon!

"Pokemon Sun And Moon" Tapu Koko
(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo/YouTube) "Pokemon Sun And Moon" trailer footage debuted a bunch of new monsters for the 3DS games. Below, we recap nine insane facts that make these new species totally different from the series' past creatures. "Pokemon Sun And Moon" come to 3DS on Nov. 18.

"Pokemon Sun And Moon" got a new trailer and monster reveals this week, so we're here to recap the strangest details about the new party members of 2016's 3DS games. The inhabitants of the Alola region just might be the weirdest that the series has seen to date!

1) Bruxish Is A Headache-Inducing Guard Of The Sea

Quite possibly the oddest thing about Bruxish is its ability to emit psychic ways from the growth on its head. These signals can cause sickness and even knock surrounding organisms unconscious. The inhabitants of Alola have found a great use for Bruxish though. They're despised so much that they're used to keep other water Pokemon away from certain areas!

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo)


2) Cutiefly Is Super Cute

True to its name, the Cutiefly has some really cute tendencies. Since it can detect the auras of living things, the species only chooses to hang around people that are in a good mood. I guess we should all hope that "Sun And Moon's" review scores are high then!

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo)


3) Drampa Is Kind Of Creepy...

Drampa are strange looking beasts, and apparently they love spending time with kids and can be seen around schools. If a child is ever hurt in its presence, this usually calm species will explode into a fit of rage. It has a unique move called Berserk that raises special abilities if its health is below half.

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo)


4) Tapu Koko Has An Attitude Problem

Tapu Koko was referenced during last month's E3 stream, and now we finally know what it is. Apparently it's the guardian deity of Melemele Island, and that high status is reflected in its attitude. The creature is described as "fickle," which means it may not even come to the aid of those in need. Weirdly enough, however, if it becomes attached to something or someone, it won't ever leave. How annoying is that?

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo)


5) Togedemaru Loves Getting Shocked

As a new electric type, Togedemaru loves getting shocked. If it's attacked by another Pokemon of the same type, it can absorb their energy and use it against them. Even though it looks cute and cuddly, this little guy has a weird sense of leisure. It gathers with other species of its kind in bad weather in hopes of getting struck by lightning!

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo)


6) Charjabug Can Run Your House

Charjabug is essentially the new in-between bug evolution of Grubbin, and it's a fully-functional battery. Its info page claims that Charjabug has enough voltage to power an entire house. It can also attach to other Pokemon that might need a battery to use powerful attacks. This thing wouldn't be too bad to have beside an iPhone!

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo)


7) Vikavolt Needs A Battery

If the thought of Pokemon needing battery power sounded weird to you, let us introduce you to Vikavolt. Vikavolt is Grubbin's final form and it takes advantage of Charjabug's battery to unleash powerful attacks late in battle. If it ever needs to lighten the load, it ditches the Charjabug for speed. I guess this guy doesn't think too highly of unevolved forms then.

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo)


8) Komala Is Really Sleepy

Komala is the koala-type Pokemon of "Sun And Moon," and, true to its source species, it's a really sleepy party member. Apparently a Komala has never been seen awake. Its saliva has also historically been used as a sleep aid. The secret to its restfulness is a log-like pillow that it must hold at all times to stay unconscious. Then again, how would anybody know that if a Komala has never been seen awake?

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo)


9) Rockruff Is A Dog With A Strange Greeting

The final "Pokemon Sun And Moon" reveal is Rockruff. As its name suggests, this is a rock-type dog Pokemon. It's just as loyal as any good household pet. The weirdest thing about it is that it greets other creatures by rubbing them with the stones around its neck. That can't feel good!

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo)


"Pokemon Sun And Moon" come to 3DS on Nov. 18.

What did you think of the July trailer reveal? Which of these new monsters is your favorite? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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